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News - April and May 2018

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06 May  2018
Rising pop star  releases new smash hit, Hasta Luego
Feature on  19 year old pop star originally from Hartley with 100m views for his previous  video.  Asked about the difference  between Hartley and LA where he now lives he said "I think there's about  four cars that go up and down my road [in Hartley] every week, there's hardly  anything, no traffic."

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24 May  2018
Longfield Hill  Fire
Tumble drier fire at house on Main Road,  occupants escaped unhurt

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30 May  2018
Man arrested after suspicious van found in  Longfield
22 year old man from Orpington arrested and  released pending enquiries

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31 May  2018
Women urged to get smear test after mum of New  Ash Green dies of cancer
Tributes paid to 34 year old  mother and former Our Lady of Hartley pupil

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31 May  2018
Bye bye Bovis, bye  bye
120 staff to be relocated from New Ash  Green.  Claimed it will be easier to  visit other locations and benefit from modern office facilities.  Newspaper has picture  feature

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