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News December 2018 - January 2019

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Fall in Number of Passengers at Longfield Station
The latest 2017-18 figures from the Office of Rail Regulation show a fall in passenger numbers using Longfield from 629,000 to 605,000, a fall of 4% when passenger usage in Kent has slightly risen overall.  The fall is entirely attributable to decline in season ticket sales.  Perhaps this is a reflection of the ageing profile of the area, or perhaps more people are using Ebbsfleet.  Meopham and Sole Street also saw falls in season ticket sales, but Meopham did see a 2% increase in usage.


Last  chance for people to have say on proposals for homes on land in Fawkham and  Hartley
Sevenoaks have amended the draft district  plan to remove development at Corinthian Golf Club, but campaigners are still  worried it might be approved later on.  Another site for housing now proposed to the south of New Ash  Green
(Gravesend Messenger 03 January 2019)


The  best performing primary schools in Dartford
Paper  lists top 20 for the latest Key Stage 2 tests: Langafel (5th), Our Lady of  Hartley (10th), Hartley Primary (13th)
(News Shopper 13  January 2019)


Parish  Council: Attendance
10 councillors (Oxtoby, Abraham,  Bennett, Cole, Graeme, Malham, Mohr, Ross, Sewell, Tremain), along with Cllr  Brazier (KCC), Cllr Kelly (Sevenoaks) and 3 members of the public.  Apologies were received from Cllrs Alford  and Ewing
(Parish Council Meeting 14 January  2019)


Parish  Council: Councillors
Following Mrs Vesey's  resignation, the council received an application for cooption from Ms Lesley  Driscoll at the meeting.
(Parish Council Meeting 14  January 2019)


Parish  Council: Finance
Council decided to keep precept  same at £52.32 for band D property but because of more houses in Hartley this  increases income from £132,803 to £133,697.
(Parish  Council Meeting 14 January 2019)


Parish  Council: Finance
Council has put out internal audit  for tender, but has so far only received one bid.
(Parish  Council Meeting 14 January 2019)


Parish  Council: Finance
Council told there is no way they  can get cash from Post Office without being charged by bank.  So they decided to finance petty cash from  cash sales of bin sacks.
(Parish Council Meeting 14  January 2019)


Corinthian  Development:  
Current developments on the new district plan  were discussed.  Council wanted to see  if Ash parish council would contribute towards their planning consultant in  view of large site proposed at New Ash Green.  Hever Tropics etc, Orpins and Oast House Nursery Sites also  mentioned.
(Parish Council Meeting 14 January  2019)


Parish  Council: Payments
Payments of £11,456 were agreed for  January including £1,682 for new monohinge gates, £350 to service Manor Field  boiler, £416 to empty dog bins, £400 for internal  audit.
(Parish Council Meeting 14 January 2019)


Sarah  Wellgreen disappearance: Ben Lacomba denies murder of mum-of-five  
38 year old man remanded in custody, charged wih her  murder
(Gravesend Messenger 17 January 2019)

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