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News January - February 2021

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11 January 2021 - Parish Council: Councillors
11 councillors were present, plus the clerk, Cllr Brazier (KCC) and 2 members of the public.  Cllrs Mohr and Sewell were absent.  Cllr Graeme declared an interest in Manor Field lettings as one of the would be hirers is a friend.
Parish Council Meeting

11 January 2021 - Health: Covid-19
Cllr Brazier said that if patients were unable to get to Meopham for vaccination, then local GPs could carry out vaccinations, however he understood Longfield/NAG surgery was not offering this service.  As for reports on social media that the Meopham centre might close, this is not the case at present.
Parish Council Meeting

11 January 2021 - Roads: Cherry Trees
A member of the public asked about the prospect of paving repairs.  Cllr Abraham said the area outside the Coop will be tarmaced and bollards added.  Cllr Brazier said KCC had inspected the area and been in contact with the landlords.
Parish Council Meeting

11 January 2021 - Finance: Precept
Sevenoaks council have informed the PC that the tax base on which the precept is calculated will fall from £2,557 to £2,332.  As the council were planning an unchanged council tax at £53.89 for Band D, this means the precept income will fall by £1,322 to £136,451.
Parish Council Meeting

11 January 2021 - Finance: Insurance
New bench on Hartley Green added to policy for additional premium of £1.94.
Parish Council Meeting

11 January 2021 - Village Hall:
The Village Hall Trust had requested a grant from the council but now doesn't need it because they have received £10,000 from the government support for businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors.
Parish Council Meeting

11 January 2021 - Neighbourhood Plan:
The Finance Committee of 16/12/20 agreed to pay £1,500 to send a leaflet to all households about this.  This is because the cost of such a plan is very high so "it would be necessary to obtain community approval and support."  The Planning Committee of 23/12/20 also claimed such a plan "appeared to be the only way to truly protect the village from future development, despite the cost and lengthy process involved."  However the Government's advice on neighbourhood plans says that such plans will have to plan for more housing if they are told there is a housing requirement in the area ("In the context of paragraph 14 of the National Planning Policy Framework, what does ‘policies and allocations to meet its identified housing requirement’ mean for neighbourhood plans? In order for a neighbourhood plan to meet the criteria set in paragraph 14b of the Framework, the ‘policies and allocations’ in the plan should meet the identified housing requirement in full, whether it is derived from the housing figure for the neighbourhood area set out in the relevant strategic policies, an indicative figure provided by the local planning authority, or where it has exceptionally been determined by the neighbourhood planning body. For example, a neighbourhood housing requirement of 50 units could be met through 2 sites allocated for 20 housing units each and a policy for a windfall allowance of 10 units. However, a policy on a windfall allowance alone would not be sufficient.  Policies and allocations within other development plan documents, for example strategic site allocations or windfall development set out in a local plan or spatial development strategy, will not meet criterion 14b of the National Planning Policy Framework.")
Parish Council Meeting

11 January 2021 - Amenities: Allotments
The Finance Committee of 16/12/20 agreed to pay NPC Tree Surgery £1,650 to remove some trees.
Parish Council Meeting

11 January 2021 - Finance: Payments
Payments for January of £8,531 were agreed.
Parish Council Meeting

19 January 2021 - Kent Police release CCTV after huge brawl in New Ash Green
Further to fight reported previously police have arrested 4, weapons involved included baseball bats.  The Hartley fight was said to be between the occupants of two cars.  
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22 January 2021 - We adapted and carried on, but we are not immune to this virus
Interview with female refuse collector who works in Sevenoaks District.  She said the pandemic has led to a big increase in rubbish being put out.  Normally they would only have to go to the tip twice a shift but it is now often twice that, often they cannot finish their rounds because of the volume of waste.  She noted a big increase in food waste, especially after panic buying during the first lockdown.  Refuse collectors have risen to the challenges of the increased volumes, while battling reduced numbers due to self isolation, and people working routes they weren't familar with as a result.  Sevenoaks had to redeploy street cleaners to the bins over Christmas to cover the routes.
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06 February 2021 - The Great British Fake Off
(Also in Dartford Messenger 28.1.21) 54 year old man from Ash Road, Longfield sentenced to 6½ years after he was caught printing fake 20 pound notes in a warehouse in Beckenham.  A total of £5m in counterfeit notes was recovered.
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08 February 2021 - Parish Council: Councillors
All 13 councillors were in attendance for the Zoom meeting, along with Helen Boden (clerk), Cllr Brazier (KCC) and 1 member of the public.  Cllrs Perry and Penny Cole declared an interest in a planning application adjoining their house that the parish council has objected to.
Parish Council Meeting

08 February 2021 - Parish Council: Covid-19
Cllr Brazier said the county council run no symptom testing stations had been very busy.  He also highlighted the "Helping Hands Scheme" to help self employed and those in digital poverty.  Cllr Perry Cole said no-one from Hartley had requested help from Sevenoaks in November lockdown, but they have received two requests from Hartley in January.
Parish Council Meeting

08 February 2021 - Crime: Mobile Safety Camera
The council agreed to spend £7,400 with WCCTV for a mobile safety camera and training.  It could be moved to different locations and record continuously, but would not be monitored by Sevenoaks.  It appears it can only be mounted where KCC have street lights.
Parish Council Meeting

08 February 2021 - Open Spaces: Gorsewood
Meopham Fencing had won a £2,180 contract to install new 1.2m fencing at the Caxton Close end of the wood, and had started work on 26 January only to find a gate had been stolen the following day.  According to the terms of the contract the council will have to claim on their insurance, subject to the £250 excess.  In the meantime work was suspended; council decide work can recommence but want CCTV camera there first if possible.
Parish Council Meeting

08 February 2021 - Burial Grounds:
The committee meeting of 27 January discussed the following: (1) Burial Ground Regulations.  One of the Fawkham and Hartley Churchwardens attended the meeting and explained the Fawkham Churchyard had a problem with decorations being left and they plan to introduce a removals policy.  They wondered if the parish council would align policies, council didn't want to amend theirs as they thought they were fairly similar, but liked the Church's "trifold document" and may adopt that. (2) Manor Field (New) Burial Ground - Council now have retrospective planning permission granted, but need to comply with conditions.  Rabbit guards to be removed now hedge established, mole hills noted, but not thought to be a problem.  Path from carpark has vegetation and moss, will be swept more often to avoid being slip hazard.  They will write to Glovers to request a gate from the existing burial ground to the Manor Field ground which will involve crossing land owned by the partnership.  Waterlogging problems in carpark to be looked at by Mr Munday; they will also be seeking quotes for a signboard.  They decided to keep both paper and computer burial registers for the new ground.   (3) Hartley Burial Ground - they still intend to remove the shed if Mr Munday says it isn't needed.  They announced the closure of the ground for new burials (still used for interrment of ashes).  (4) Old Garden of Remembrance - following a request for burial of ashes there, they decided to close it to new burials, saying it will disturb existing ashes.  (5) Grass Cutting contract 2021/22 - they had 5 quotes and awarded contract to Mr Munday for £5,616.
Parish Council Meeting

08 February 2021 - Finance: Payments
Payments of £9,439 for February were agreed.
Parish Council Meeting

17 February 2021 - Gravesend man spat at parking warden and said 'I have corona’
39 year old from Manor Forstal given 12 month community order and fined after he admits common assault after incident in Gravesend.
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