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News January 2018

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Woman  spared jail after handling cash stolen from car parks by ex-partner  
Crime:  Longfield

35 year old woman given suspended sentence after handling £2,000  siphoned off by car park collector from Longfield, Meopham and  elsewhere
(Kent Messenger 09 January  2018)


Burglary  suspect alleged to have committed crime in Gravesham and Dartford arrested at  Gatwick Airport  
Crime: Longfield

Man released pending  further enquiries relating to many burglaries including one in  Longfield
(Dartford Messenger 10 January  2018)


Makers of  Gravesend horror film hope 'worst film' awards will boost publicity  
Arts: Film

Picture feature about "The  Left Hand Path", a budget horror filmed in North Kent, including Hartley  and Longfield.
(Dartford Messenger 12 January  2018)


31 year  old man from Ash jailed for burglaries in New Ash Green  
Crime: New Ash Green

For burglaries at  Lambardes and Knights Croft last July
(Dartford Messenger  12 January 2018)


New Ash  Green shopping centre manager ordered to pay £8,770 after cutting down trees  
Shopping: New Ash Green

Manager fined after  cutting down trees subject to Tree Preservation order in the shopping  centre.  He said he was worried about  potential insurance claims because of the uneven pavement around the  trees.
(Dartford Messenger 15 January  2018)


family  must pay back £945,000 after burglaries in Longfield and Dartford led to  their criminal empire crumbling
Crime:  Longfield

Burglary at Main Road, Longfield, led police to them.  The three were sentenced to 4-10 years, and  ordered to pay £945,000
(Kent Messenger 23 January  2018)


Horses  ran into car in Chapel Wood Road, New Ash Green  
Roads: Chapelwood Road

37 year old man  injured after horses ran into his car at Chapelwood Road.  Air ambulance took him to  hospital
(Kent Messenger 23 January  2018)


Funeral  for former Gravesham mayoress Joan Marven

Obituary of Joan Marven who moved to  Hartley from Romford when she was 2, and attended St Josephs Convent  School
(Kent Messenger 24 January  2018)


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