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News March - April 2021

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07 March 2021 - Power Outage in Area
Said to have been caused by underground cables.  One post said electricity people have told them in the past that the cabling needs modernising around here.
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17 March 2021 - Dartford pre-school play area trashed by vandal teenagers
"Much beloved" forest playschool at the Fawkham Montessori Primary School at Corinthians Golf Club vandalised by group of teenagers on 6 March.  Were scared off by site workers.
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08 March 2021 - Parish Council: Councillors
Zoom meeting ran from 7.30 - 8.44 pm.  Cllrs Oxtoby, Abraham, Alford, Bennett, Penny Cole, Perry Cole, Driscoll, Graeme, Hughes, Malham, Ross, Sewell were present.  However minutes also record apologies of Cllr Hughes.  No declarations of interest.
Parish Council Meeting
08 March 2021 - Amenities: Football
The amenities Committee of 12 February decided to freeze the annual fee for Hartley De Sales FC at £1,900.  Club want to put a sign at entrance to Manor Field, council want more details.
Parish Council Meeting
08 March 2021 - Amenities: Cricket
The Cricket club informed the council they hope to run a full season from 24 April.  They raised concerns about finding the container unlocked one week.  Council said no information as to who did this.  Also problems with lock on bollard at entrance, Mr Munday said that was down to freezing conditions.
Parish Council Meeting
08 March 2021 - Amenities: Litter Bins
Local campaigner asked for bins at Porchester Close and Woodland Avenue to dispose of the many nitrous oxide cartridges left strewn about.  Told it was Sevenoaks council responsibility.
Parish Council Meeting
08 March 2021 - Amenities: Gorse Wood
Woodland Avenue resident queried why not all of Gorse Wood is designated as ancient woodland and raised concerns about tree felling there.  Council didn't know why this is the case, and said they only fell trees when necessary.  West Kent Housing have offered to contribute £272 towards the cost of replacement fencing and gate at Caxton Close, works began 26 January but had to be halted when gate was stolen.  Mobile CCTV then installed on site.  Total cost as a result increased by £600 to £2,780.  Some recoverable by insurance claim.  Fly tipping continues to be a problem with cases reported by Caxton Close car park and further into the woods.  Full council accepted Sevenoaks Council's quote of £500 to clear the rubbish.  In order to get rubbish cleared quicker in future clerk in conjunction with head of amenities committee given delegated authority to spend up to £1,000 without further reference to committee.  They are going to try and get Sevenoaks to reinstate bulky waste collections there.
Parish Council Meeting
08 March 2021 - Amenities: Allotments
Council informed that supply difficulties have hampered repairs to close boarded fence panels.  Quotation accepted to remove cherry trees on plots 34-36 so that they can be let again.  An allotment holder asked for trees overshadowing their plot to be trimmed.  Council replied trees are outside the boundary fence and tree surgeon said trimming them wouldn't help with overhanging.  Suggested holder may like to take on of the new plots when cherry trees removed.  KCC said they would only trim highway trees if they cause a problem to the highway.
Parish Council Meeting
08 March 2021 - Village Hall:
The Finance Committee meeting of 10 February recommended and full council approved gifting a number of improvements to the Village Hall, provided the bills go via the Parish Council so they can claim back the VAT: (1) Replacement steel fire exit door from kitchen (Harrison Building Contractors - £1,320); (2) New PIR light in kitchen (Harrison Building Contractors - £190); (3) New Stage and front window curtains (Curtain & Blind Co - £2,920).
Parish Council Meeting
08 March 2021 - Finance:
The Finance Meeting of 12 February also agreed a new reserves policy and made some minor changes to insurance relating to chairman's chain of office.
Parish Council Meeting
08 March 2021 - Covid-19:
Insurers have said services must be switched off, but council to check to see if it is OK to have them on for contractors working on Village Hall.
Parish Council Meeting
08 March 2021 - CCTV:
Back in February the council had decided to spend £7,000 on a WCCTV 4G Speed Dome CCTV system.  However difficulties have arisen due to lack of streetlighting in Hartley and the charge Kent County Council would make to join it to what streetlights there are.  Also Cllr Perry Cole said a wildlife camera might be cheaper and they should look at Sevenoaks Council's Fly Tipping Initiative.  Council agreed to rescind earlier resolution and appoint Cllr Mr Cole to undertake further investigation.
Parish Council Meeting
08 March 2021 - Finance: Payments
Payments for March of £8,906 were agreed, mostly admin costs but also playground inspections £535, Manor Field hedge cutting £215, Empty Manor Field Cesspool £213, Litter Picking at various locations £330.
Parish Council Meeting

26 April 2021 - Parish Council: Councillors
The meeting of 12 April was deemed to be voided due to the period of national mourning.  Cllrs Oxtoby, Abraham, Alford, Penny Cole, Driscoll, Greame, Malham, and Sewell attended with apologies from Cllrs Perry Cole and Hughes.  They have received the resignation of Cllr Mohr, there being no request for a by-election, the vacancy will be filled by cooption.  No declarations of interest by the councillors attending.
Parish Council Meeting
26 April 2021 - Queen's Platinum Anniversary:
Council agreed to spend £7,000 on celebrations on a date between 2 and 5 June 2022.  This was the money the council had planned to spend for the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2.
Parish Council Meeting
26 April 2021 - Covid-19:
Manor Field Pavilion will open on 12 April but the only events allowed are supervised activities for children and parent and toddler groups.  The cricket club can use the toilet if they agree to the special conditions of hire.  Councils have been told they can't hold Zoom meetings after 6 May, so they have brought forward the annual parish council meeting to 5 May.  The Annual Parish Meeting will have to be in person so they will see whether the school or church hall are big enough to accommodate it with the social distancing rules.
Parish Council Meeting
26 April 2021 - Manor Field:
Council agree to hire out Manor Field and Pavilion for a live music event in July.  Amenities committee to sort out details.
Parish Council Meeting
26 April 2021 - Neighbourhood Plan:
They have set aside £24,000 to prepare the plan.  After leafleting the parish they got 219 replies in favour of a plan and 3 against.  A steering group of 3 councillors and 9 people appointed by the council to be set up.
Parish Council Meeting
26 April 2021 - CCTV:
Further to the decision at the meeting of 8 March, they agreed to buy 3 wildlife cameras costing about £500 from council's reserves.
Parish Council Meeting
26 April 2021 - Burial Grounds: Hartley Burial Ground
They are looking at creating a path to link the new Hartley Burial Ground with the old burial ground.  They agreed to instal a gate and path if they get permission from the landowner whose land it crosses.
Parish Council Meeting
26 April 2021 - Finance: Payments
Payments for April of £16,932 were agreed.   Other than admin costs, other significant items were Cutting trees at allotments £1,650; delivery of Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire £300; allotment water charges £658; emptying dog bins for 6 months £858; bulk Propane £873; garden waste sacks £700
Parish Council Meeting

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