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News Sept - Oct 2021

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01 September 2021 - Crime Summary - September
Merton Avenue (1 Criminal Damage - keying of car); Hawthorns (1 Theft of parcel from doorstep)
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19 September 2021 - University pupils across Kent speak out about student finance, debt and learning throughout the Covid-19 pandemic
Interview with 20 year old fashion media and promotion student from Hartley, who is studying at UCA at Rochester.  She said she is not too worried about student loans because she believes the course will lead to a well paid job in fashion buying.   However she thinks last year's fees were unreasonable given all tutoring was done on line.
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21 September 2021 - Latest results from Kent magistrates' courts
47 year old man from Eastbourne given suspended sentenced and banned after being stopped being stopped in Longfield 3½ times over the limit and without a licence
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13 September 2021 - Parish Council: Councillors
Cllrs Abraham, Alford, Mrs Cole, Colwell, Driscoll, Graeme, Mrs Oxtoby, Ross & Sewell were present.  Apologies from Cllrs Cole and Malham.  Council had 2 applicants for vacancy, appointed James Colwell.  There were no declarations of interest.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Planning:
The minutes of the meeting of 8 September 2021 were agreed.  Cllr Alford was unhappy with one of the planning permissions, and the committee proposed and council agreed to send a letter to Sevenoaks to query this.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Planning: Neighbourhood Plan
It was reported that "The Consultant needs to do some initial work prior to agreeing to take on the project" which will cost £1,200.  Further expenditure to send a questionnaire to households also approved.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Planning: Assets of Community Value
The council rejected a suggestion by a local resident to add the Black Lion to the list, leaving only their own suggestion of the Library.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Football
Committee will put to the Finance Committee a request for a donation of £2,500 to Hartley De Sales FC towards the cost of 2 portable goals they have ordered.  Council will let them store them on Manor Field, secured by a chain, provided they insure the goals themselves.  Club wanted to use them during the Cricket season, council said they will have to talk to Cricket Club first.  Committee recommended and council agreed to freeze fees to football club at £1,900 for the 2021/22 season.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Cricket
Club said 8 week coaching scheme had been successful with 40-48 attendees.  They are just about able to field 2 sides.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Allotments
(1) They agreed to continue with the £55 annual membership of the National Society of Allotments.  (2) There is a dead ash tree on the boundary outside the allotments; KCC say it is not on highway land, but HPC say it is a hazard to the highway.  If KCC do not agree to remove the tree, they authorised the clerk to do so.  (3) They have served notices to quit on 2 holders and have created 3 new plots.  The waiting list is only 3 but no-one wants the new plots because they are uneven with lots of stone and concrete in the soil.  Council to get quotations to remedy this.  (4) They had previously removed most of a damaged boundary fence in Woodland Avenue.  Neighbour has built a new substantial fence on the council's boundary.  Committee decide that once this is complete there is no point in them replacing their fence.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Manor Field Pavilion
Committee reviewed Covid risk assessment and special conditions of hire.  This includes now allowing use of changing rooms, and removing limits on numbers in hall, but other restrictions still apply e.g. only one person in kitchen or toilets at a time.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Manor Field
Unusable bollard replaced.  They have still not heard from Amey about car park resurfacing.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Billings Hill Shaw
Tree surgeon to look at tree overhanging neighbouring property, any recommended works to be done.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Gorse Wood
Neighbouring resident in Gorsewood Road says trees are blocking light.  Council says the resident can reduce the canopy at their own expense.  Neighbour in Porchester Close reported overgrown trees by their property, tree surgeon says they are OK, so council says neighbour can cut back overhanging branches at their own expense.  Similar letter about overhanging branches at Caxton Close.  Committee deferred consideration from Tree Risk Assessment to get specialist advice on future of Gorse Wood.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Hartley Wood
Some of the ground survey markers on the parish council land are missing.  Quotations to be obtained for a resurvey.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Cherry Trees
Landlords of the shops say they will be repairing the paving slabs shortly.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Playgrounds
(1) Annual inspection has a long list of minor repairs necessary which the council will ask the Routine Maintenance Contractor to do.  (2) They rejected suggestion to add spikes to top of swings at Chantry Avenue to prevent bird fouling. (3) Quotation of £165 to replace damaged entrance gate at Woodland Avenue accepted.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Litter Bins
(1) Council in favour of dog bins at Caxton Close and junction of Grange Way and St Johns Lane but have no money in budget, to ask if County Councillor or W Kent Housing Association will pay for bin if HPC agree to pay to empty them in future.  (2) New dual rubbish / recycling bins with sensors to be rolled out in Sevenoaks District, Hartley is in phase 2.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Bulky Waste
Free collection on 31 July.  Others would cost HPC £250 for 3 x 45 minute stops
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Queen's Jubilee Canopy
Council agreed Brownies can plant trees at Hoselands Green or Billings Hill Shaw as part of this initiative
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: Rectory Meadow
(1) Camp Fire reported in woods, council to inform owner.  (2) Sign at Banckside Entrance to be replaced at cost of £164.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Amenities: The Parade, Ash Road
Waste dumped on verge reported to Sevenoaks Council.  HPC suggest resiting bin there.
Parish Council Meeting
13 September 2021 - Finance:
Council agree to get corporate credit card with maximum limit of £1,000.  Cost £50 plus £3 per card per month.  Payments for September of £25,224 were agreed.    This included £3,300 for tree work, £450 to fell laurel tree at Burial Ground and £2,780 for fence and gate to Gorsewood at Caxton Close.
Parish Council Meeting

22 September 2021 - Police investigate assault on girl in Vale Road, Northfleet after suspects flee in Volkswagen Polo
20 year old woman from Longfield arrested and released on bail pending enquiries, after witness sees girl assaulted by 2 people.
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01 October 2021 - Longfield man confronts Insulate Britain protesters as they block M25 Swanley junction
Film of 38 year old Longfield man shouting at protesters who had glued themselves to the road at Swanley Interchange gets 1 million views on TikTok.
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12 October 2021 - Teen boy stabbed by stranger in New Ash Green park
18 year old taken to hospital.  Suspect said to be aged 16-18, of slim build and wearing a grey tracksuit.
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14 October 2021 - County's Mounted Police Officer Joins Rural Crime Team
Picture feature on New Ash Green based special constable who patrols on her 21 year old horse, Jack
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18 October 2021 - Banned Longfield driver crashed Vauxhall Astra into transporter van on M25 then invented friend to take blame
23 year old man from Main Road, Longfield, jailed for 8 months and banned, after taking cannabis, falling asleep at the wheel and causing a crash on the M25.  
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20 October 2021 - Arrest made as Phoenix the foal dies two months after suspected arson attack at stables at Ash near West Kingsdown
Foal aged 4 months died under anaesthetic of skin graft operation following fire at stables at Barnfield Park.  An earlier article (8/10) mentioned that another horse, Jimmy, had died in the attack also.  Interview with horses' owner said the family have moved because of fears for their safety.
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