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News September - November 2018

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Ash Road:  
Council told they could have a pelican crossing at Hoselands Green instead of a zebra crossing, which was rejected because there is too much traffic.  The total cost will be £75,000, HPC have already offered £25K, Community Infrastructure Levy will add £4K and Kent Highways would pay £5-25K, but this leaves the council still at least £25K short.
(Parish Council Meeting 10 September 2018)

Business: Barclays
Barclays announce closure of Longfield branch on 14 December.  Customers told to use branches in Dartford or Gravesend, or local cash machines / Post Office.  The case for closure shows heavy use of the branch still. 3,180 personal customers used the branch at least 3 times in the last year, and 646 at least 12 times, among business users the numbers are 585 and 223 respecively.  They say two-thirds have used another Barclays branch at least once.  The numbers have fallen by around 20% since 2015, but for cash deposits the fall is much less.
(Press Release 19 September 2018)

Business: Longfield
Hazelwood Nursing Home in Brickfield sells for £9.25m.  It has 50 bedrooms
(HM Land Registry 29 March 2018)

Nature: Squirrels
Article notes that albino squirrels have also been spotted at Hartley
(Kent Messenger 22 October 2018)

New Ash Green:  
Hundreds help in search for missing mother, her family thanks everyone involved.  Police search moves to Grange Lane area of Hartley.  Police request CCTV footage from 5 mile radius.  A 30 year old man was questioned and later released.
(Kent Messenger 24 October 2018)

New Ash Green:  
Latest news on the search for the missing mother from Bazes Shaw, Sarah Wellgreen.  Search includes Hartley Wood, Horton Kirby, New Barn, Dartford Heath and New Ash Green.
(Dartford Messenger 28 October 2018)

Hartley Bottom Road: Accidents
2 cars collide at Hartley Bottom Road, police say noone badly hurt
(Kent Messenger 02 November 2018)

New Ash Green:  
Latest from the search.  Police search Malthouse Road, Ridley and Idleigh Court Road, Ash.
(Kent Messenger 08 November 2018)

Corinthian Development:  
Spokesman for No Hartley Expansion say they are "delighted" Corinthians and Downs Valley sites were two of the 9 green belt development sites rejected by Sevenoaks Council.  The Government called for the council to provide for 14,000 houses in 20 years, but the paper says the draft plan only caters for 10,000.
(Sevenoaks Chronicle 20 November 2018)

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