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Parish Council Meeting 8 January 2018

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Parish Council: Attendance
The meeting ran from 7.30 to 7.53 pm.  All councillors were present with the exception of Cllrs Alford and Beaman.  Also present was Cllr Brazier (Kent County Council) and 3 members of the public)

Parish Council: New Parish Councillor
They have now received an application for the vacancy from Matt Mohr which they accepted.  He said he lived at the New Ash Green end of Ash Road who works in the medical device industry.  He said he didn't know much about the council but was interested in politics and would like to give it a try.  He was appointed to the Amenities committee.

Parish Council: Data Protection
The Finance Committee had discussed the new data protection law which is due to come into force soon.  They decided to encrypt information and consider appointing Satswana Limited to act as their Data Protection Officer, claiming that the officer has to be independent of the council.  Cllr Cole raised some concern that the company might be "jumping on the bandwagon", Cllr Abraham said they were an established company.  They agreed to outsource the Data Protection Officer job but get more quotes.

Finance: Precept
They decided to freeze the council tax precept but this means their income will rise by £600, due to changes in the council tax base.

Finance: Community Infrastructure Levy
They have received £6,510 so far from Sevenoaks Council, but are still trying to claim they can use it on a lych gate for the new burial ground.  Dr Roberts suggested that cycle paths were possible and desirable at Rectory Meadow and the wide pavement at the top end of Ash Road and that the council could spend the Community Infrastructure Money on them.  Cllr Oxtoby said they would think about it, Cllr Abraham was not in favour

The meeting of 13 December discussed the following: (1) The Anti-Social Behaviour Officer reported problems of young people riding on the roads in Hartley and New Ash Green because there was nowehere else to go, she suggested a site be found on Northfield.  The committee thought the entrance by Milestone School might be possible but thought the EMCO triangle better.  (2) They authorised bills of £1,645 including tree risk assessment (£795), 3 tractor grass cuts (£480), visual inspection 2 months (£160).  (3) Bumble Bees - they have been advised on which wild flowers to plant but was told spraying for ragwort would probably kill all wild flowers.  (4) New pedestrian access in Ash Road - quote of £1,190 from NPC Tree Surgery accepted.  (5) Tree works of £450 following tree risk assessment authorised by council and Sevenoaks Council.  (6) Two new dog waste bins at Ash Road and Milestone School entrances approved.  (7) Quotations will be obtained to identify different areas of the field.

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