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Recent Planning Decisions

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Tags: Housing;DownsValley;WoodlandAvenue;AshRoad;OldDowns;RoundAshWay;Banckside
3119/2017 The Croft, Woodland Avenue
Granted - Erection of a two storey side extension

3269/2017 Joh-San, Ash Road
Granted - Demolition of existing chalet bungalow and erection of a new 5 bed dwelling

3351/2017 18, Old Downs
Granted - Details pursuant to condition 9 (visibility splay) of planning permission 17/02117/CONVAR.

3354/2017 3, Round Ash Way
Granted - Prior notification of a single storey rear extension which extends 3.6m beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling house with a maximum height of 2.8m and eaves height of 2.5m.

3358/2017 2, Downs Valley
Granted - Erection of a single storey rear extension

3460/2017 3, Banckside
Granted - Details pursuant to condition 3 (boundary treatments) of planning permission 17/01902/HOUSE.

3540/2017 13, Old Downs
Granted - Erection of detached outbuilding in rear of garden.

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