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Hartley Church - Archdeacon's Visitations 1504-1565

Kent Record Office DRa/VB4

Index of Years
1504, 1527, 1528, 1529, 1530, 1531, 1532, 1533, 1534, 1535, 1563, 1564, 1565

This is a book of archdeacon's visitations.  They list the rectors and churchwardens and also many other matters that were presented by the parishioners or otherwise came to light.  They reveal that continued neglect by John Bele and William Cokks had left the chancel and rectory in a very poor state, to the point where the revenues of the living were sequestered to pay for repairs.  A later visitation in 1565 found that the church had no chalice and was using a glass instead.  Many of the presentments were about parishioners said to be living immoral lives.  The book was bound later and so the volume contains more than one series of foliation.

f10 - Archdeacon's visitation, 1504 - Hertley

Sir Henry Monagh, rector - did not appear
John Overey, John Norres, churchwardens
John Shaw, Laurence Sibbyn, parishioners, present that all is well

The abovesaid appeared and the lord ordered John Norres and John Shaw to produce the bill of their accounts at Gravisend in 3 (?) weeks.

f35 - Informations of Rochester Deanery, 7 October 1504

Hertley - John Shaw was censured for (....... ?).On 5th November in the chapel of Gravisend, he appeared and denied the article, whom the lord ordered to appear with 6 oath helpers in Gravesend.  On 27th November in the chapel of Gravesend he appeared and produced for the account (?), James Lannce, John Borden, Robert Lowry, William Bouden, William Hunt and Pers Prince.

Sir Henry Monaghe is censured for his bad conduct with diverse people.

Agnes Pae (?) is censured (.........................................................  ?)

f37 - Herteley - John Shawe, churchwarden of Hertly church, on 20th February (1505) appeared before the lord in the chapel of Gravisend, and confessed that he has handed over the parish accounts there and that there is owed to the said church - 2 cows, 3 sheep, 3 lambs for delivery at the feast of (........ ?) one cow, one sheep and one lamb and the remainder at the feast of Easter next.

f9 - Archdeacon's visitation, 28 September 1527 - Hartly

Sir John Bele, rector
Alex Sedcomp, clerk

John Overy, John Bele, churchwardens

John Nordish, John Whithede, parishioners - they say that the rector does not celebrate (mass) on all Sundays and Holy Days.

f17 - Chapter of Rochester Deanery, 21 November 1527

Hartely - Sir John Bele, rector there, is censured because he does not celebrate (mass) except (?) on Sundays and Holy Days.  He appeared in the palace before the lord.  Whom he ordered that he celebrate (mass) and that he reside in his benefice (........... ?) under pain of the law.  And because he alleges that he does not have a parish clerk, the lord orders that he shall order the parishioners to provide for a clerk to serve the church.

Hartly - John Overey, churchwarden, appeared and undertook to repair the window in the church before the feast of St Mary Magdalene.

f18 Hartley - the churchwardens of St Mary Coulyng against John Bele of Hartly, in a case of subtraction of (..... ?) ; Bele appeared and confessed that he owed 6s 8d before the feast of Christmas and now promised his good faith.

f38 - Archdeacon's visitation, September 1528 - Hartly

Sir John Bele, rector
Henry Garrard, John Overy, churchwardens
William Smyth, John Nordish, parishioners, present all is well

f64 - Chapter held in St Petronella's church, Ridley, 25 February 1529, for the rebuilding if the church there ...............

John Rygge is ordered to restore the bell to Ridley church recently (?) demised and lent to the church and parishioners of Hartly by Thomas Taylor, whose widow the same John Rygge married, before the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary or on it, under pain of excommunication.

(a page of names and sums pledged follows including 'the widow Cripps of Hartly - 40d; other donors are from Ash, Ridley, Northfleet, Wrotham, and Stansted.)

f83 - Archdeacon's visitation, 16 September 1529 - Hartely
Sir John Bele, rector (bill that he (........  ?))
Henry Gerrard, John Overy, churchwardens, Overy says that he has rendered this year's account
Richard Smyth, John Nordisshe, parishioners by bill

f89 - Chapter held at Halgstow, 25 October 1529
Hartley - Henry Gerrard, John Overy, churchwardens did not render the account of the church property for many years, their pretext being that the church was undergoing great repairs; on which day Henry Gerrard appeared and promised to repair before the next visitation under penalty of interdict, and that he would give the accounts to the parishioners and certify thereof to us (?) at the next (...... ?). On which day he appeared and exhibited the accounts, and John Overy confessed that they owed the church 21s 3d (there is a marginal note here that says "for a cow") and undertook to pay before the feast of Christmas.

Sir John Beele is censured for neglect of his office in the same as in the bill, viz for repairs to the chancel and for neglect of the said offices (services).  The rector appeared and promised to repair and reform the premises before the feast of the Annunciation and certified             .

f104 - Chapter for Rochester Deanery, 31 January 1530
Harteley - the churchwardens have to certify whether John Overy has paid them 21s 3d on the feast of Christmas, not cited.

Harteley - the rector has the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to sufficiently repair the buildings of his rectory according to past proceedings, not cited.

f12 - Archdeacon's visitation, 17 September 1530 - Hartelay
Sir John Beyll, rector
Henry Garrard, John Smyth, churchwardens (sworn by bill)
John Nordych, John Lawns (sworn by bill)

f22 - Chapter at St Nicholas Rochester, Saturday after St Edward, 1530
Hartly - the chancel of the church and the buildings of the rectory are very ruinous and "the verments be lose oute ye stonewarke"; on which day he appeared and promised repairs as quickly as possible.  The lord sequestrated the revenues (of the benefice).

f46,53 - Archdeacon's visitation, 14 September 1531
Inductions this year - Hartly 6s 8d
Master William Cocks, rector
Henry Garrett, John Smyth, churchwardens
Richard Walter, John Walter, parishioners by bill

f64 - Deanery of Rochester, 27 November 1531
Hartly - John Lannce does not serve his parish church on festival days, on which day he appeared, who was ordered that he serve the church in future.

Hartely - the wife of John Lannce is censured as a whore by the report of her neighbours.

f89 - Archdeacon's visitation, 16 September 1532 (Gravesend)
Sir William Cok, Rector
Henry Garrard, John Smyth, churchwardens
John Nordish, Richard Smyth, parishioners by bill

f93 - Rochester deanery, the Thursday after St Katharine 1532
Hartly - the window of the chancel has been allowed to become ruinous by the default of the rector and the earth (t'ra) in the chancel (?) is overturned.  In addition all buildings of the rectory are very ruinous.  Not cited, on which day the lord official sequestered all revenues to be used for repairs until they are completed.

f77 - Archdeacon's visitation, 22 September 1533 - Hartley
Sir William Cox, rector; Sir Elvin Carlton, 40s
Henry Garralt, Thomas Walter, churchwardens
Richard Smyth, John Nordyche, parishioners at Christmas

f108 - Rochester Chapter, 16 January 1534
Hartly - Elizabeth Manus is censured for the crime of adultery with several.

f115 - Archdeacon's visitation, 23 November 1534 - Hartly
Sir William Cok, rector
Brother Dertford (? ms badly smudged here), curate
Sir Richard of Faukham has to pay the curate.  They say that the repairs to the dwelling house and chancel have not been carried out in accordance with the premises made with the lord official (................... ?) badly damaged by the wind.

f129 - Archdeacon's visitation, Gravesend 1535 - Hartely
Sir William Cokks, rector
John Overy, Richard Smyth, churchwardens
John Walter, Richard Walter, parishioners (present) all is well.

f17 - Archdeacon's visitation, 14 September 1563 - Hartley
Sir William Potter, rector there
James Cripps, Thomas Goodden (parishioners and churchwardens) sworn by bill

f31 - Archdeacon's visitation, 19 September 1564 - Hartley
Sir William Potter, rector there

Thomas Whythead, Richard Averay (churchwardens and parishioners there) sworn by bill

f43 - Archdeacon's visitation, 1565
Hartley (they hath a glass and no chalice or cup)

Sir William Potter, rector there, subscribed
William Pare, Richard Wayre, churchwardens and parishioners (sworn by bill)