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Jarvis Longhurst
Born in Hartley 3 August 1830, he left England on 3 March 1850 on the SS Jory, arriving at Victoria, British Columbia on 9 May 1851.  There he went into partnership with Thomas Flewin in two pubs - The Capitol Saloon and The Belmont Saloon.  Thomas was formerly of Wilmington.  Jarvis died in 1921 aged 90. (picture of Longhurst & Flewin saloon) (picture of Belmont saloon) (picture of Capitol Saloon) (picture of Jerry Longhurst)

George Munn
The MUNN family travelled from Plymouth on board the Forfarshire to Port Adelaide leaving Plymouth on 16th November 1873 and arriving at Port Adelaide on 8th February 1874.  Over 500 people were on the boat. 4 died during the voyage including Thomas Munn aged about 11 months. There were also 7 births . The boat produced 280 gallons of fresh water per day and burnt 10cwt of coal in producing the water. There were 70 children on board. The families were assisted emigrants to the "new" colony of South Australia which had been settled by the British in 1836 as a free colony. All other parts of Australia were first settled by convicts and garrisons.

See detailed biographies of George Stephens Munn (1833-1877), Caroline Munn (1864-1945), George Stephen Munn (1867-1953), Harry Munn (1869-1945) at the excellent website run by Jeff Erickson.

Tom and George Applegate
The Applegates were brothers who lived near Hartley Green, where their father James rented a cottage for 3 shillings a week from Fairby Farm.  Tom (b 1871) and George Stephen Applegate (b 1889) both emigrated to the town of St Catherine in Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada.  George married Hilda Stanley, another emigrant from Britain, on 12 April 1916; while Tom married Florence Sarah Hills (b 1880) on 5 October 1912.  Florence was the daughter of Henry Hills and Mary Doodney; Mary was born in Hartley in 1853, so there is a good chance Tom knew the family when they were in England.

Jesse and James Martin
Another pair of brothers who both tried their luck in Canada, and again at St Catherine, Ontario, strongly suggesting the families were in touch and encouraged each other.  Jesse (b 1886) went out first and had settled at 121 Queenston, when brother James (b 1883) arrived to stay in 1913.  James had travelled steerage on the White Star
SS Cymric from Liverpool on 27 February 1913.  He is described in US immigration records as being 5 feet 7 inches in height with dark complexion, brown hair and brown eyes.  He was one of the poorer passengers with only 25 US dollars to his name.  He had presumably disembarked at Halifax, Nova Scotia on 9 March before the ship arrived in Portland, Maine on 11 March as he and 3 others are struck through on the return.  In Hartley the family had lived at 2 Black Lion Cottages, Ash Road.

John Treadwell and John Cooper Treadwell
John was born at Fairby in Hartley in 1833, the son of William Treadwell and grandson of Francis Treadwell.  He emigrated to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1852 at the time of the gold rush, where many of his descendants live today.  His nephew John Cooper Treadwell (1868-1907) emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand in 1890.  For the full story see the
Treadwell family website.

Albert Clealand Packman and Sarah Packman
Brother and sister were born in Swanscombe and Greenhithe respectively.  But they were the children of William Packman (1790-1868) who was born in Hartley, and his wife Mary Ann Cheal (1793-1887) who was born at Ash.  Albert (1846-) emigrated to New Zealand in 1865 and shortly after married Sarah Ann Southgate at Blenheim.  Sarah (1843-1928) married George Gibson at Stone and later emigrated to New Zealand and also lived in Blenheim.  
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