Hartley - Kent: Parish Registers

Parish registers were first kept from 1538, but Hartley is very unfortunate to have lost its early register, so the records of baptisms, marriages and burials only begins in 1712. The old register was still in existence in 1750, when a member of the Burrows family copied out their family entries, but we must assume the earlier register is now permanently lost.

The following are an alphabetical list of the names in the registers from 1712 to 1812, with the baptisms carried on to 1832. Where possible I have associated the entries for the same person, but this has not always been possible. Click on a link below to go to that letter:

Surnames A-B
Surnames C-E
Surnames F-H
Surnames I-L
Surnames M-O
Surnames P-S
Surnames T-V
Surnames W-Z

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