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Burrowe family wills last updated 14.8.10

The Burrowes were a family which came from Longfield (probably Longfield Court), but moved to Hartley some time between 1662 and 1673. They lived at New House Farm (where Farm Holt in New Ash Green is now) before moving on to West Kingsdown in the c18th. The James Burrowe of 1729 is the same person who is commemorated in All Saints' Church. The family also owned Hottsfield, which included the future Copse Side and Quakers Close also.

Peter Mayer, 2007

KAO U245 F2-5
Extract of will of Thomas Burrow the elder of Ashe, yeoman (1589)

Thomas Burrow was the first of the family to own New House Farm, which he purchased in 1583 from John Northash

He leaves to Thomas Burrow, his son, "one house with the appurtenances, which I bought and purchased of John Nordash, together with all and singular my lands and tenements belonging, set, lying and being in the parishes of Hartley, Longfield and Ash.

Will of Thomas Burrowe of Longfield (1656)

In the name of God, Amen.  I Thomas Burrowe of Longfield in the county of Kent, yeoman, being assured of the uncertainty of this my life, which passeth away as a shadow and consumeth as the grass of the field preceeding myself, it is my duty to prepare myself against that time, lest if should otherwise be troubled with the disposing of my wordly goods a thing very unfit at that time, when I should principally and above all other things prepare my mind and heart unto that heavenly Jerusalem where I hope as everlastingly to remain, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following.  That is to say,

First and principally I bequeath my soul to Almighty God my creator and to Jesus Christ, my redeemer, trusting assuredly through his death and bitter passion to obtain remission of all my sins.  And my body to be buried in Christian burial at the discretion of my executors.

Item.  I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Burrowe, that my tenement and freehold areable and wood in the occupation of Leonard Hadducke and Thomas Budd, situate and being in Ash cum Ridley.  And also I give my said son Thomas my freehold lands in the tenure and occupation of Richard Hubbard in Ash aforesaid, and my freehold lands and woods adjoining a little above my mansion house called or known by the name of Hodds, lying in Hartley, paying to my wife half the yearly value of the said Hodds during her natural life.  And after the death of the said mother, all the said lands and tenements to my said son Thomas and to his heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son James Burrowe.  All that my tenement in the tenure and occupation of Robert Letchford being in Hartley, Ash and Longfield.  And also all my freehold land in the tenure and occupation of Thomas Middleton and Francis Fox (after the expiration of my [........]) And to his heirs forever.  Also I give and bequeath unto my [.......] Burrowe £3 a year and yearly £5 [.....] out of my executor's land and jointure during the natural [life....] my now wife.  And also £50 of lawful English money [.........] Within 2 years next after my decease.

Item I give and bequeath [......] within 2 years next after my decease.

Item and give and bequeath [.........] Parnell Boghurst, £3 of lawful English money [.....] within one whole year after my decease.

Item I give and bequeath unto [........] Elizabeth Burrowe.  All that my tenement and freehold lands called [.....] Place in the parish of Horton Kirby in the county of Kent, now in the tenure and occupation of George Wellard and to her heirs forever.  Also £50 of lawful English money.  To be paid by my executors wihin 3 years next after my decease.

Item I give and bequeath unto my sister Parnell Langton in token of my love, 10s.

Item I give and bequeath to my ancient servant Thomas Warren, 40s and to George Flitch, 10s, and to the rest of my servants now being, 5s a piece.

Item I give and bequeath to these three parishes - Longfield, Ash and Hartley, 20s a piece.  And to the poor of Ash, 40s.  And to the parish of Horton Kirby, 10s.  And to Thomas Stansall, parson of Longfield, 10s.

The rest of all my goods, cattle and chattels movable and immovable, I wholly give and bequeath unto Elizabeth, my now wife, and to my son Thomas Burrowe, whom I make, constitute and ordain my full and joint executors of this my last will and testament.  And I request my loving friends Robert Oliver of ??? Gentleman, and my brother William Taylor of Meopham to be my overseers.  And I give them for the pains they may take therein, 20s a piece.

In witness I have hereunto put my hand and seal, the 20th of December 1655.  The mark of Thomas Burrowe, sealed and delivered in the presence of Thomas Stansall, parson, William Taylor, the mark of Thomas Warren.

This will was proved at London before the judge for probate of wills and granting of administrations lawfully authorised the 24th day of March in the year of Our Lord, according to the computation of the Church of England 1655 (=1656), by the oath of Elizabeth Burroew the relict and Thomas Burrowe, the natural and lawful son of the said deceased, joing executors named in the said will.  To whom was committed administration of all and singular the goods and chattels and debts of the said deceased.  They being first by virtue of a commission sworn well and truly to administer the same.  

PRO PROB 11/400
Will of Thomas Burrowe of Hartley (1692)

Dated 30 August 1689

He leaves his soul to Almighty God and his body for a decent burial "according to the discretion of my dear and loving wife Margaret", whom he also appoints executrix.

To the poor of Hartley: 40s; to the poor of Ash: 40s; to the poor of Longfield: 20s.

To Thomas Godden, kinsman of Addington, Kent, gentleman: £20

To Parnell, sister of Thomas Godden: £10

To Dorothy Tayler of Meopham, kinswoman: 20s and 40s to her sister

To Thomas and Nicholas Piggott, his kinsmen: 20s each.

To Margaret Whiffin, wife of Richard Whiffin of Ridley, kinswoman.

To the brother and sister of Margaret Whiffin, being the children of his brother in law John Fisher of Greenwich - John, Thomas, Anthony, William and Ann Fisher: 20s.

To Rachel, daughter of John Fisher, his brother in law: 20s

To Richard Fisher of Southfleet, kinsman: 20s

To Elizabeth and Mary Burrow, nieces, daughters of "my loving brother" James Burrow: £50 each when they are 21 or married.

To Margaret his wife: everything else not already disposed of.

To Margaret his wife he leaves his lands in Greensted Green in Darenth and Stone; lands at Ash occupied by Thomas Richardson; lands at Ash occupied by Thomas Wood; "and also I do ratify and give unto her my said wife and her assignees for the term of her life. All those my 3 parcels of land and woodground, lying and being in Hartley aforesaid called "Great Holts", otherwise Hotts, and "Little Holts", otherwise Hotts, and the woodground now in my own occupation." Reversion of Great and Little Holts to his niece Margaret, daughter of his brother James and her heirs. Reversion of other lands to (?) James his nephew.

(S) Thomas Burrow

Witnesses: Edmund Hodsoll, Edward Best, John Best

Proved at London 12 August 1692

Will of James Burrow of Kingsdown, gentleman (1729) (PRO PROB 11/627)

To daughter Elizabeth: £2,000 when he is 21 or on the day of her marriage. Also 80 acres of land and woodland in Ash in his occupation, reverting to his wife Elizabeth if she dies before 21 without heir, and then after wife's death to sister Margaret Jewell. Also garden ground at Deptford in the occupation of John Pratt Gardiner, reversion as before.

"Item: I give devise and bequeath unto my said wife Elizabeth and to her assignees for and during the term of her natural life: All that messuage or tenement with the barn, stables, buildings, lands and hereditaments situate, lying and being in the parish of Hartley in the county of Kent, in the occupation of Joseph Oliver or his assignees, and containing together by estimation fourscore acres by the same more or less, subject to the annuity or yearly rentcharge of £10 thereinafter (?) mentioned. And also all that messuage or tenement with the barns, stables, buildings, lands, and hereditaments, situate, lying and being in the parish of Hartley in the said county of Kent, now in the occupation of Edward Thorpe or his assignees; and which I lately purchased of Reginald (?) Peckham and Edmund Peckham, and which said farm and lands last mentioned contain by estimation 34 acres more or less. And also all my messuage or tenement with the outhouses, edifices, buildings, lands and appurtenances thereunto belonging, containing together by estimation 28 acres be [......] more or less, situate, lying and being in the several parishes of Hartley, Ash and Longfeild in the said county now in the tenure or occupation of John B[...] or his assignees." Also messuage and 60 acres in Ash in occupation of John Martin; parcels of land containing 20 acres in the occupation of the said John Martin; messuage and 60 acres in Meopham in the occupation of Thomas [.......]; messuage and 30 acres at Horton Kirby in the occupation of William Dunkin.

After her decease to go to daughter Elizabeth. If she dies before the age of 21 without heir, then to sister Margaret Jewell.

To wife Elizabeth: £5 rentcharge issuing out of messuage called Warren and lands belonging thereto in Ash, Ridley and Meopham. On her decease to daughter etc. as above.

To sister Margaret Jewell: £10 annuity for life from lands at Hartley above mentioned to be paid on quarter days, with power for Margaret to distrain if more than 14 days overdue.

To daughter Elizabeth: half of the linen and plate; other half to wife Elizabeth and then to daughter.

To sister Margaret Jewell, and her son William Jewell: £5 each to buy their mourning.

To sister Margaret, her son William; brother in law Samuel Cox, brother in law John Cox and Hannah his wife; brother in law William Cox and Ann his wife; sister in law Mary Farrant and her daughter Elizabeth; sisters in law Sarah and Ellen Cox; John Copeland; Benjamin Moorecock; and Thomas Copeland, and all pall bearers: gold ring each.

To poor of Kingsdown "where I now live": 30s. To poor of Hartley: 40s; to poor of Ash: 20s. To be paid within 3 months of his decease.

To all those at his funeral: 40s to be paid on the night of his burial.

Wife Elizabeth to be executrix.

Dated 21 August 1728

Witnesses: Frances Measman, William Boghurst, Robert Unitt jun

Proved at London 6 February 1728/9

Will of Elizabeth Burrows of Kingdown (1730) (PRO PROB 11/637)

She is "sick and weak in body"

"First and principally I surrender my soul into the hands of Almighty God, my creator, hoping to be saved through the only merits and satisfaction of Jesus Christ my saviour and redeemer".

Six gentlemen to be invited to hold the pall at her funeral and no others to be invited except brothers and sisters: John Cox and Hannah his wife; John Smith and Eleanor his wife; Samuel Cox and Elizabeth his wife; Mrs Sarah Cox; William Cox and Anne his wife; John Copeland, Benjamin Moorcock and Mrs Margaret Jewell: 20s each.

To poor of Kingsdown, Hartley, and Stansted: 40s each to be paid within 3 months of her decease.

To daughter Elizabeth: £20 to buy her mourning, and all rings, jewels, plate and household linen. (already left to her by her father's will!)

To niece Edy Farrant: green and white gown and petticoat.

To sister Sarah Cox: "my gray intestring night gown".

To sister Eleanor Smith: gray shagreen night gown.

To daughter Elizabeth: all her wearing apparel.

All money to be paid to brother John Cox, on trust for him to dispose of lease on farm where she lives and farm stock, furniture etc. After debts paid to be laid out on the purchase of freehold lands within 80 miles of city of London. On behalf of daughter Elizabeth and her lawful heirs. For want of such issue to Francis Brooke of West Malling for 1,000 years to use of brother John Cox, his heirs and assigns forever. £465 to be paid to named people, various provisions of trust.

Brother John Cox to be sole executor and guardian of daughter Elizabeth.

Dated 29 January 1729/30

Witnesses: Frances Measman, Francis Brooke, William Gates

Proved at London 15 May 1730. 

Extracts from Hartley Parish Registers for the Burrowe family (KAO U245 F2-5)

On 8 June 1747 someone acting for the family trawled through the parish registers to construct a family tree for legal reasons.  This has proved very important, because the pre 1712 register ("the old book") that they consulted has now been lost.  The same researcher consulted the registers for Longfield and other parishes, and also added notes to help their understanding of the entries).

From Hartley Register:

James Burrow died 13 October 1695, buried 17 October 1695, born before 1648, probably married about 1670 - Margaret (buried 8 April 1710)

Thomas, baptised 11 July 1672 (if not Robert then 2 Thomases)
Margaret, baptised 9 April 1674

James, if Brands Hatch, baptised 13 May 1675, died 1728, aged 53.  Married Elizabeth Cox, daughter of William Cox of Stansted.  Children - James, died sine prole (= without issue); Thomas, died without issue; Elizabeth, married William Selby esq of Ightham Mote

Thomas, baptised 24 August 1676
Elizabeth, baptised 10 September 1677, married _____ Copley
Margaret, baptised 16 September 1679, married ______ Jewell, son ____ Jewell, an attorney
John, baptised 12 December 1680, buried 16 September 1683
Robert, baptised 1683

And, 30 January 1584, Robert Burrowes of Ashe married Parnell Parker of Longfield.

Extracted from Hartley Register, the old book, 8 June 1747