Hartley Wills - Cripps Family

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The Cripps were tenants of Hartley Court in the 16th century. They were the victims of a burglary here in 1575.

Peter Mayer, 2002

Will of Thomas Cripps (1527)

In the name of God, Amen. The last day of May the year of our Lord 1527. I Thomas Crippes of the parish of Harteley in good mind and whole memory, fearing the house of death, make my testament in this wise. First I bequeath my soul to Almighty God and to our lady St Mary and to all the saints in heaven, my body to be buried in the Churchyard in the parish of Hartley. Also I bequest to the high altar for my forgotten tithes and offerings - 40d. Item to Sir John Cartar - 40d. Also to my brother Richard Crippes - 4 and he to be my overseer. Item: to John Smyth - 20 sheep and all his debts. Item: to Richard Smyth - 26s 8d. Item to Joan Walter, the wife of John Walter - 40s. Item: I bequeath to buy a cross of copper and gilt for Hartely Church - 26s 8d; and a torch, price 5s. Item: to reparations of the Church - 6s 8d. Item: to John Bele for his intendence and labours - 6s 8d. Item: I bequest to Agnes my wife: all the residues of my moveable goods and unmovable, and her only I make my executrix to pay all my debts and bequests and to receive all such debts as is owing to me, first of Thomas Coke - 4 marks, and thereof I have forgiven him 13s 4d. Item: of Thomas Iffelde - 26s 8d. Item of John Skudder the elder - 4 13s 4d. Item of John Gardyner - 26s 8d. Item of John Caryman Gardynar - 26s 8d.

Witnesses: Sir John Bele, rector there, and John Bele paleman(?)

Proved at Rochester before the official 16 June in the aforesaid year....

PRO PROB 11/87
Will of Thomas Cripps of Hartley, yeoman (1596)

Dated 28th October 1592

He leaves his soul to Almighty God. His body to be buried at executor's discretion.

To Dorothy Cripps, his daughter: 200 (10 of which was bequeathed by his father James) when she is 20 or on the day of her marriage, "so that in the meantime she keep her body chaste and be married with the goodwill and consent of William Sidley esq. and Robert Burrowes and Thomas Burrowes, my brethren in law".

To Alice and Ellen Cripps, his daughters: 500 each (20 of this bequeathed by James), conditions as above.

To William Sedley esq.: 5 p.a. at Christmas until his sons Thomas and James reach the age of 21 "for the affection I bear unto the said gentleman and that I am assured he will always stand a sure friend unto my children". In the event of his decease then money to be paid to William's brother John "so that my said sons or either of them shall continue and dwell in the now dwelling house of me the said Thomas Cripps, commonly called 'The Court Lodge' in Hartley aforesaid ..... paying for the same farm no more rent than I now pay".

To Alice Cripps, daughter of his brother James: 10 at full age of 15.

To Robert Burrowes, his godson: 6 ewes

To his godchildren, Thomas Cripps, son of his brother James: 5s; to Alice Carpenter: 2s; and to other godchildren: 12d each.

To William Sedley esq.: a debt of 50 owed him by Lady Brooke, lent by him to Sir Henry Cobham kt.

The residue of personal estate to Thomas and James, his sons equally.

Regarding his lands:

To Thomas Cripps, his eldest son: his lands in Seal, Shibborne and annuity due from lands of William Porter in Seal.

To James Cripps: his other lands and annuities out of lands of Thomas Scudder of Stansted, and lands of Robert Nynne of Milton next Sittingbourne. Reversion to James his brother (of testator).

To Dorothy, Alice and Ellen his daughters: his deceased wife's linen to be shared and 5 sheets and a featherbed each.

"I will that forasmuch as by the goodness of my landlady Mrs Anne Sedley, I have enjoyed the farm wherein I now dwell at an easy and reasonable rate of rent, and that I desire of her........ that my children may enjoy the same accordingly at the same rate". Therefore he gives Anne an interest free loan of 500 until his sons reach 21.

He appoints his sons Thomas and James Cripps as executors and Robert and Thomas Burrowes his brothers in law as overseers.

(S) Thomas Cripps

Witnesses: (X) Robert Burrowes; (X) Lawrence Porlers; (X) Robert Dodd ?; (X) Henry Brisiley; (X) Thomas Cripps

Proved on 3rd May 1596.