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 Will of John Dawe of Fawkham (1499) Page updated 29.12.10

John Dawe lived in Fawkham. The four fields he owned in Hartley (not including the 4 acres brought to him by his wife) add up to 13 acres 1 rood - the same extent as the later "Dawsland" in Church Road.  It appears that at least part of the Hartley lands he owned came to him in marriage to his wife Alice (possibly Cotyer?).

KAO DRb PWR 5 sig 324
Will of John Dawe of Fawkeham (2 April 1499)

To high altar of Fawkham - 12d

His descendants who hold his land in Fawkham to fund a lamp burning at the time of ?????? at Fawkham.

Personal estate to wife Alice.

Executors to be John Sampson and Alice.

This is the last will of me John Dawe of and upon the disposition of my lands and tenements in Fawkham. First I will that 4 acres of land that came to me by Agnes my wife, lying in Hertle be sold by my executors and feofees. John Northasch to pay debts. Also (2) A piece of land in Ash containing 2½ acres to son Martin; (3) Also I will that Kytfelde containing 3½ acres and Hie Lande containing 4½ acres, and Barne Crofte 1 acre 1 rood, and 4 acres of land called Stableris, lying in the parish of Hertle be sold by my executors.... for debts and bequests; (4) Bokes Acre in Fawkham, tenement called the Berne and housing called Bokesse to son Simon.

Also son Thomas to get 20d per year for 2 years, same for youngest daughter Johan.