Hartley Wills - Miller Family

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One will here, of Richard Miller of Ash, he inherited the cottage and 6 acres which became Hartley Bottom Farm ultimately from Robert Averill (d 1656). He was fairly well to do with lands in Ash, Hartley and Shipbourne, but was generous to the poor, setting up a charity which still survives as part of "Ash United Charities". His beneficiary William Fenn, sold the farm in 1731.

Peter Mayer, 2002

PRO PROB 11/.......
Will of Richard Miller of Ash, yeoman (1670)

Soul left to God (ms badly faded here), body to be buried in Ash Churchyard.

Henry Hubband, kinsman, appointed executor.

"Item: I give unto the overseers of the poor of the parish of Ashe aforesaid and to their successors, overseers of the said parish forever. One annuity or yearly rentcharge of 20 shillings of good English money, to be yearly had, taken, issuing and going out of and in all that my messuage or tenement in Hartly with the lands thereunto belonging, which my brother Thomas Miller lately left me. To have and receive, hold and enjoy the said annuity unto the said overseers and their successors forever. To and for the only proper use and benefit of the poor of the said parish, to be distributed unto and amongst the poorest sort of people inhabiting in the said parish according to the discretion of the overseers for the time being, payable at the feast of the Nativity of our Saviour Jesus Christ yearly, the first payment thereof to be made at the feast of the Nativity of Our Saviour Jesus Christ which shall next happen after my decease." Additional provisions for distress if the rentcharge is not paid.

"Item: I do give and devise the said house and lands in Hartly aforesaid with the appurtenances unto my kinsman William Fenn of Ashe aforesaid and to his heirs forever, chargeable with the said annuity or yearly rent."

To George Middleton of Ash, kinsman: cottage in Ashe in the occupation of Edward Love.

To Henry Hubband of Tunbridge, kinsman: house and lands in Ashe called Augers alias Peasewill in the occupation of Thomas Budd jun. Also all his house and lands in Shipbourne. Henry to pay his brother William 10.

To Thomas Budd: one year's rent, worth 20.

To James Launce of Ash: 10.

To Thomas Mugg: 5.

To Richard Leigh: 5.

To John Gransden: 5.