Hartley Wills - Northash Family

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The Northashes were a prosperous landowning family in c15th Hartley. The first known churchwarden in 1433 was a Northash. This will does not mention which farm John Northash owned, but the family owned part of New House Farm when they sold it in 1583.

Peter Mayer, 2002

Will of John Northassh (1506)

In the name of God, Amen. The 9th day of the month of May in the year of the lord 1506. I John Northassh of Hartely of sound mind etc., make my will in the following manner. Firstly I leave my soul to Almighty God and my body to be buried in the churchyard of Hartely Church. Item: I leave to the high altar there - one bushel of barley. Item: I leave to John my son - a kettle of brass and one posnet, a pothanger with hooks, a spit, a pillow, a chest containing 2 bushels. Item: I will that my said son have delivered to him by my executors in manner and form here following - 20s, that is to say every year, 3s 4d to the said 20s be fully content and paid, the first payment to be given at Michaelmas 12 months after my departing. Provided alway that if the said John fall to riot or evil disposition in any manner or wise, then I will the said 20s shall be disposed in charitable deeds after the discretion of my executors and he to have no penny thereof. Item: I bequeath to Margaret the child - a red little "foser". Item: I bequeath to Joan my daughter - a [................]. Item: I will that Richard my son keep or cause to be kept a yearly obit for my soul and all Christian souls in the parish church of Hartely aforesaid for 30 years, every year spending 2s after the discretions of mine executors during the said time, and the said 2s to be well and truly paid by the said Richard, his heirs, executors or assignees during all the said years. And if the said obit be not kept according to the tenor of this my last will, then I will that my feoffees shall sell all my lands, lying in the parish of Hartely, Longfeld and Asshe, and they to fulfil my last will according to the tenor of the same. Wherefor according to the same, I bequeath all the said lands and tenements as they lie in the said parishes to Richard my son, his heirs and assignees forevermore, they to fulfil this my last will and testament. And if the said Richard, his heirs, executors or assignees do not according to the tenor hereof, then I will that my feoffees enter into the said lands and they to sell them to the most profit and advantage, to the intent to fulfil my last will. And if there remain any surplus in their hands after my will be fulfilled, they to dispose the residue after the discretions. And I will they have reasonable reward for their labours after the discretion of the ordinary. And all my other goods not bequeathed, I will my executors have them to fulfil my will and pay my debts. The which I ordain Richard my son and John [...............] of Harteley, they to dispose my said goods for my soul etc. Witnesses: Sir Harvy Womfelde, parson of Longfelde; John Overay; Sir Ralph Smalley, parson of Hartely; John Shawe and William Smyth.