Hartley Wills - Young Family

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Thomas Young (d 1688) came from Southfleet, but came to Hartley when he bought Fairby Farm. The house was also rebuilt by him. As well as his will, we have his probate inventory which gives a priceless description of the farm and house.

Peter Mayer, 2002

Will of Thomas Young of Hartley (1688) in case of John Young v Anne Young (PRO C7 348/18)

Bill of Complaint

Whereas Thomas Young was seized on 27 May last past (1688) of land in Hartly in gavelkind tenure, and of a considerable personal estate. Being of sound mind he desired the lands to come to the compainant and not by gavelkind, which would happen if there were no disposition by will or deed. So he prepared his will copy of which is included in this bill - His soul was commended to Almighty God; of his estate "such worldly estate as it hath pleased God of his infinite goodness to bestow upon me"- debts to be paid. He leaves 10s to his wife to buy a ring in remembrance of him. To Margaret, his daughter the wife of James Burrowes of Hartley, yeoman - £25 to be paid one year after his decease. To his grandchildren: Thomas Young, Margarett Young, James Burrowes, Thomas Burrowes, Elizabeth Burrowes, Margaret Burrowes, and Anne Young (the daughter of his son Thomas Young, deceased) - £25 as above. To the poor of Hartley - £2 to be distributed at his funeral. To John Young of Horton Kirby, his "loving son" - all his lands in Kent, and the remainder of his personal estate. John Young is appointed executor. Witnessed by Elizabeth Crowherst, Mary Wells, George Wells and Samuel Blune. Soon after this Thomas Young died and the complainant has entered into the property and paid the legacies as executor. But now Anne Young, as daughter to his only brother claims the land as coheir with him, and also claims a dividend of the personal estate. She alleged that Thomas Young senior was not of sound mind when he made the will. Whereas she well knows Thomas Young was of sound mind and had given instructions to attorney and he said he did not want the lands to be divided equally because Thomas Young junior had already been provided for in other lands. Witnesses were personally requested by Thomas Young himself. He asks for writ of subpoena to be directed to Anne Young.

Answer of Anne Young

She agrees Thomas Young had fee simple lands in Kent, but as daughter of his brother dying during his father's lifetime she is entitled to share with her uncle the lands and personal possessions. She says by her guardian Anne Ware (her natural mother), wife of John Ware that she did not know of the will being published or the instructions to the attorney. Whether he was of sound mind, it is up to the complainant to prove. (dated 28 June 1688)

Inventory of Thomas Young (1688)

A true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels and debts of Thomas Younge of Hartley in the county of Kent gentleman, deceased....... and appraised this 7th day of June 1688, by us whose names are hereunto subscribed as followeth viz:

Firstly his wearing apparel and money in his purse


In the kitchen  

Item: one great table, one little table, one form, 2 cupboards, one cupboard cloth, 6 wooden chairs, 2 racks and paired andirons, fireshovel and tongs, 5 spits, 2 iron dripping pans and 2 tin dripping pans, 1 jar, some old books, 2 gridirons, 3 smoothing irons and other small things


In the Buttery next the Kitchen  

Item: 3 iron pots, 6 wooden platters, and some other old things


In the Brewhouse  

Item: 2 furnaces, 7 tubs of all sorts, 1 waste keeler, 1 cheese press, 2 pails and other old things


In the Bakehouse  

Item: 1 kneading [...]ong, 1 old apple trough, 3 sieves and 2 sacks


In the Chamber over the Bakehouse  

Item: 20 bushels of Sainfoin seed, 20 sacks two bushels of barley and other old things


In the Malthouse  

Item: one old malt mill, 1 cider mill, 1 cheese press, 1 brake and 3 coney yarnes and some wood and old lumber


In the Hall  

Item: 2 tables, 1 form, 1 great cupboard, 1 settle, 2 pairs of cobirons, 2 firepans, 1 warming pan, 3 chairs, 1 green carpet and other small things


In the Parlour  

Item: 2 tables, 8 leather chairs, 8 joined stools, 1 settle, press andirons, fireshovel and tongs, 2 carpets and some old cushions


In the Milkhouse  

Item: 5 powdring tubs, 2 tables, 24 small bowls and trays, 2 keelers, 1 bacon trough, 6 crocks and other small things


In the Old Room  

Item: some old lumber


In the Brasshouse  

Item: 5 brass kettles, 3 brass pans, 4 skillets and other brass


In the Cellars  

Item: 20 tubs of all sorts, 5 stallders and 1 hide of white leather


In the Chamber over the Hall  

Item: 2 feather beds, 2 feather bolsters, 2 pillows, 1 coverlet, 2 blankets, 1 pair sheets, bedsteddle curtains and valence, 4 chests, 1 press, 4 boxes and one trunk, 1 looking glass and 3 stools

Item: for linen in several chests and trunks



Silver Plate  

Item: 1 silver tankard, 2 silver pottingers, 3 silver salts, 1 silver bowl, 4 silver cups and 17 silver spoons

Item: for pewter in all



In the Best Chamber  

Item: 1 feather bed and bolster curtain and valence mat and cord, 1 coverlet, 3 blankets, 1 chest of drawers, 6 turkey worked chairs and 6 leather chairs, 2 tables, 1 stand, 1 court cupboard and 5 pillows


In the Passage  

Item: for a clock and some old lumber


In the Maid's Chamber  

Item: 1 old bed with the furniture


In the Chamber over the Parlour  

Item: 3 chests and 1 box


In the Buttery Chamber  

Item: 1 bed with the furniture thereto belonging


In the Men's Chamber  

Item: 2 old beds and their furniture


In the Bachelor's Chamber  

Item: 1 bed with the furniture and 3 chests


In the Stable  

Item: 2 horses, 2 geldings, 3 mares and a colt


Item: for wheat in the barn

Item: 24 ewes and 14 lambs

Item: 6 cows, 4 heiffers and 2 weaning calves

Item: 35 acres of wheat on the ground

Item: 28 acres of barley and oats on the ground

Item: 17 acres and an half of peas and tares on the ground

Item: clover and sainfoin on the ground which is to be mowed

Item: for 3 acres of wood which is now felled and some of it carried off









In the Carthouse  

Item: [..................................................] 1 great harrow, 1 wheelbarrow, 2 ladders and other small things

Item: 1 set of wagon harness and 1 of plough harnes



Item: 4 hogs

Item: debts sperate and desperate

Item: for things out of sight and forgot




Sum total


Thomas Miller and Richard Boycott (appraisers)

Exhibited 30 June 1688

Will of John Young of Hartley, yeoman (Proved 1713) (KAO DRb/PW5)

27 January 1704

He leaves his soul to Almighty God and his body to be committed to the earth.

To his sons, Thomas and John Young: his household goods, implements, utensils etc.

"Item: I give, bequeath and devise all that my messuage or tenement called Feerby House and the barns, stables, stalls, outhouses, edifices, buildings, gardens, orchards and small pieces or parcels of land, arable, meadow and pasture thereunto belonging and now therewith used or enjoyed, containing in the whole by estimation 180 acres.... with all and singular their appurtenances, situate and being in the several parishes of Hartley aforesaid, and of Fawkham and Ash.... now in my own occupation - unto my said son Thomas Young and the heirs of his body" with remainder to John and his heirs.

"Item: I give, devise all that my messuage... with the appurtenances containing by estimation 10½ acres.... in Hartley... and now in the occupation of William Mugg or his assignees, which I formerly purchased of my mother in law Mary Boycott, and all my term for years, right, title and interest therein and thereto (Stocks Farm). And also all that my messuage or tenement, smith's forge, gardens, orchards and small pieces or parcels of land, containing 9 acres ... situate ... in Hartley... now in the occupation of Francis Treadwell (Forge Cottage). And also all that my messuage or tenement, barn, gardens, orchard and several small pieces or parcels of land, containing.... by estimation 9 acres, situate... in Hartley, and now or late in the occupation of Matthew French or his assignees" (Hartley Cottage). Also: 1 messuage and 1 acre at Southfleet, 1 messuage 6 acres at Swanscombe in occupation of Simon Baker; also 1 messuage 3 acres in Swanscombe in occupation of John Inman - to son John and his heirs, with reversion to Thomas Young and his heirs.

Residue of corn, grain, hay, clover, cattle etc, loans, plate, chattels etc to son Thomas Young, who is appointed executor.

(S) John Young

Witnessed: (S) James Burrow
(S) Joseph Oliver
(S) John Hooper

Proved on 3 July 1713.