Clement Wills (Ash Parish)

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Everard Clement of Ash cum Rydley, clerk (summary)

20 May 1700

He leaves his soul to God, and body to the ground

To daughter Margaret Umfrey, all his several tenements in Ash in the tenure of ........ Stigger? and John Kinge?

To loving wife Frances, 100, his bed with all curtains and callenes? and furniture of room, 2 hair ......., flaxen sheets, 2 pillows, 1 dozen flaxen napkins, 2 tablecloths

To poor of Ash , 40s.

Remainder to daughter Margaret.

(S) Everard Clement

Witnesses: (S) Sarah Salmon, (S) Elizabeth Mercer, (S) William Sellmon

Administration granted on 13 May 1701 to Finch Umfrey, adminsitrator of Margaret his wife