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Will of Robert Dalton of Hartly, yeoman (1728) (summary)

He leaves his soul to Almighty God, and his body to be buried at the discretion of his executors.

To granddaughter Judith Dalton (executor) - all lands wheresoever

To kinswoman Joan Breghtley (?) - 5

To grandson Robert Dalton and kinsman William French - 20s each when they are 24.

To kinsman John Dalton, son of John Dalton - 3 when he is 21

To kinsman Jeremy French, John Dalton and Nicholas Dalton - 20s

To sister Mary French and nephew Edward Dalton - 5s each

(X) Robert Dalton

Witnesses: Robert Day (X), Edward Thorpe (X)

Dated 5 October 1726

Proved 29 April 1728