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 Will of William Draper of East Greenwich, 1538

Summary: William Draper owned Hartley Manor, but as we will see in the case of Snow and Maynard vs Harlakynden, it appears he owned it in the right of his wife Margaret.  Although a married woman's property belonged to her husband, his interest was only a life one, as the inheritance of the property still belonged to the wife.  This is presumably why the contract with Messrs Snow and Maynard fell on his death.

Although it is not clear from the will, we know that Nicholas Ballard, who is mentioned here, ultimately inherits the manor, because in 1544 it is he who sells it to the Sedley family of Southfleet.

In his will he remembers Hartley Church, leaving money for a torch to light the church and 10 shillings for repairs.

In the name of the blessed Trinity, Amen.  The 29th day of the month of February in the year of our Lord 1537, and in the 29th year of King Henry the 8th.  I William Kelome otherwise called William Draper the elder of East Greenwich in the county of Kent gentleman, being whole in mind and good memory, thanks be to God, make, ordain and declare this my testament and last will in manner and form following.

First I commend my soul to Almighty God, my creator and redeemer, and to the most glorious Virgin our lady St Mary, and to all the saintes in heaven.  And my wretched body to be buried int eh parish church of St Andrew Undershaft in London, nigh unto the altars there which I have made my place.  Also I will and heartily desire my faithful executors and overseers that before all things after mine exequies done without pomp that all such duties and debts as can be duly proved to be due by me to any person or persons or any goods by me of any person or persons duly proved to be wrongfully taken, be well and truly paid and restored.  Also I bequeath unto the high altar within the said church of St Andrew for my tithes negligently forgotten 3s 4d.  And to the high altar of the parish church of East Greenwich in likewise 3s 4d.  And the reparations of the parish church of Erith 3s 4d, one torch and 2 kine to remain a stock to the use of the parish there to be prayed for forever.  Also I bequeath to the parish church of East Greenwich 2 torches.  To the parish church of Charlton one torch.  To the parish church of East Wickham one torch.  To the parish church of Hartley, one torch and 10s in money toward the reparation of that church there.  Also I bequeath to the marriage of 5 poor maidens of honest conversation within the parish of East Greenwich aforesaid 33s 4d, that is to say, for every one of them 6s 8d.  Also I bequeath to the prisoners of Newgate, Ludgate, the King's Bench and the Marshalsey, to every of these houses 5s to be given unto them in bread at times needful by the discretions of mine executors.  Also I bequeath to every of my servants being in my service at my departing above their wages, 6s 8d, that they may have the more cause to pray for my soul.  Also I give to Mary my daughter, half a dozen of silver spoons with flat ends and the best garnish of vessell that I have if she over live Maragaret my wife.  Also I give and bequeath to my brother Robert Kelome, otherwise called Robert Draper, a ring of gold newly to be made of the value of 20s.  Also I give unto my said brother my best gown lined with damask.  Also I give and bequeath unto my nephew William Kelome, otherwise called William Draper, my brother Thomas's son and my godson, my best furred with boge(?), my best doublet of black satin and my girkin of velvet.  Also I give and bequeath unto the said William Draper, all mine estate interest and terms of years to come that I have of and in all those lands and tenements that I have by the lease of the last house of Lesnes within the said shire of kent.  And also all mine estate, interest and terms of years to come that I have of and in the manor of East Wickham within the shire of Kent, with all other rents, farms, lands, tenements and all other profits and commodities to the same manor belonging within the said shire of Kent in full recompense of all such legacies or duties that he ought to claim or ape of me by the last will or after the death of his father.  Also I will that Margaret my wife, after my decease shall have the ward, rule, custody and profits of the body and lands as of the marriage of Isabel Boothe, daughter and one of the heirs of Sethe Boothe during her non-age, being my ward and in my custody.  Also I bequeath to Agnes Ballard and Johane Ballard, the daughters of Mary my daughter, to every of them £10 sterling to be delivered at the day of marrage if it fortune them to live until they be married.  Also I bequeath unto Nicholas Ballarde the hanging in the low chamber beneath at Greenwich, a featherbed, a bolster, a pair of blankets, two pairs of sheets, a matress, a bolster, a pair of blankets, two coverlets, a tester, the hangings in the parlour and in the hall.  And all the bedsteads in the low chamber and in the outward houses there at the discretion of mine executors.  Also I bequeath to Rober Kelome, otherwise called Robert Draper, son to my brother John Kelome, otherwise John Draper of Hampshire, 5 marks sterling in money in full recompense of all duties and demands due by me unto his said father.  All which legacies and bequests before rehearsed I will shall be delivered at the discretions of Margaret my wife and Robert Kelome, otherwise Draper my brother, whom I ordain and make mine executors and Nicholas Luson, citizen and mercer of London mine overseer of this my testament and last will, to whom I bequeath a ring of gold of the value of 20s.  The residue of all my goods moveable, my funeral, legacies and debts paid, I give unto the said Margaret my wife to dispose for my soul and heirs after her discretion.  

In witness whereof I the foresaid William have subscribed this my last will and testament with mine own hand, in the presence of John Gerrard, John Barnard, William Kelome the younger, otherwise Draper,a dn Thomas Upton with other now in the day and year aforesaid.  By me William Kelome otherwise Draper.

Proved at London12 July 1538, by Margaret his relict.