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Will of John Fuller of Hartley (1500)

In the name of God, Amen. The 10th day of April in the year of the Lord 1500. I John Fuller of Hertle, of sound mind, make my will in the following manner. Firstly I leave my soul to Almighty God etc., my body to the buried in the Churchyard. Item: to the high altar of Hertley - one cow of red colour, because I owe the said Church a quarter of barley, in satisfaction of the same (?) Item: for the maintenance of the light of St Trinity in the same Church - one ewe with lamb. Item: I leave to my father - my blue cloak. Item: I leave to my mother - 20 yards of russet cloth to make a tunic therefrom. Item: I leave to my brother - one coat. Item: I leave to the said Joan my wife - all my tools in my granary (? granationis) without subtraction (?). Which Joan, my wife, I appoint and constitute my executrix, that she disburse for the good of my soul etc. Given on the day, place and year abovewritten.

This is the last will of me, John Fuller, made and declared the day and year above written. Of and upon the disposition of my lands and tenements, meadows and pastures with the appurtenances. First, I will that Johan my wife have my messuage with all my lands and woods and pastures during her life. And after her decease I will it remain to my eldest son. And he to pay to each of his brethren - 20s at such time as he shall enter into the said messuage and lands. And if it happen him to decease without issue, then to remain to his brother. So that each of them be other's heir in the said messuage, lands, woods and pasture. The date, the day, year and place abovewritten.