Hartley Wills - Hickmott family 1657-1673

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The Hickmott family never lived in Hartley, but were the freehold owners of Hartley Manor Farm (then called Daltons, later Hartley Wood Farm). The name to watch for is Edward Potter, the nephew of John and Joan, who subsequently became owner.


Will of John Hickmott of Clifford's Inn, gentleman (1657)

He leaves his soul to "my blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ", body to be buried at the discretion of his executrix

"Item: I give and bequeath to my only son Charles and to his heirs after the decease of my wife, his mother. All those messuages with all the lands and tenements with the appurtenances unto them belonging, set. lying and being in Stapleherst .... Item: I give and bequeath to my said son Charles and to his heirs in like manner after the decease of his said mother. All that my messuage or tenement with all the lands with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, set, lying and being in Hartly in the said county of Kent....... "(also lands at Aylesford, Kent; Merstham, Surrey; Cuddesdowne, Oxon; High Onger, Essex; St Andrews Holborn, Middx)

To niece Margarett Read: 100

To "my dear and loving mother in law Mistress Joane Sunnibanke: 10"; and like amount to his sister Longbane - to buy mourning.

To brother Dr Longbane:5; and like to cousin Thomas of Goudherst, Kent - to be overseers of his will.

To Susan Palmer, wife of Robert Palmer of Milhale: 10

To servant John Torllys: 20 and 10 to servant Thomas Gorter when they have entered all the writs etc. which are to be entered in his office.

To parish of Aylesford: 10; and like sum to parish of St Andrews.

Remainder of estate to wife Joan, who is to be executrix.

Dated: 20.5.1654

Proved at London 24.3.1656/7


Will of Charles Hickmott of New Windsor, Berks, gentleman (1673)

He leaves his soul to "my blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ", body to receive Christian burial.

Mother Joan to be executrix, he also leaves her rentcharge of 65 10s 2 d issuing out of manor of Teynham in Kent. Left to him by his father when he should reach 21. He also leaves her all other lands.

To aunt Longbaine: 20

To cousin Nathaniell Chyles: 10

To cousin Christopher Potter: 10

"I give and bequeath unto my cousin Edward Potter 5. I give and bequeath unto my cousin his wife: 20s to buy her a ring"

To cousin Gerran Longbaine: 5.

Gifts of 20s to buy ring to following: cousin Jobson, Mr Nicholas Floyde, Mr Edward Coore, Mr Nathaniell Spencer.

To aunt Andrews: 40s; and like bequests to Uncle Wiberd, cousin Rose, cousin Thomas Chyles jun, cousin Sunnibanke.

To Mr John Dauling: 5; and like bequests to Mr John Torlesse, cousin Offeley, cousin Thomas Lake, cousin Pollington.

To Felix Rimes: 20s and 10s to his wife

To landlord Mr Phillips: 20s to buy a ring, and like bequest to landlady

To Elizabeth Chase: 20s

To Susanna Jugle, my mother's maid: 10

"Item: I do give and bequeath out of my due respect and love unto Mistress Mary Smith, daughter of Mr John Smith, the sum of 100... as a testimony of my affection to her and undeservedness of her virtues"

Dated: 20.3.1667/8

Proved at London: 1.12.1673

PRO PROB 11/343

Will of Joan Hickmott of All Saints Oxford, widow (1673)

Leaves soul to Merciful God. Wishes to be buried at St Andrews Holborn, where her husband and five of her children are.

To poor of parish where she dies: 5

To poor of St Andrew's Holborn: 10 (half to poor above barrs and half below barrs)

To only sister Elizabeth Longbaine of Oxford, widow: 200

To nephew Nathaniel Chiles of Middle Temple, esquire: 150

To nephew Thomas Chyles: cancellation of debt of 100.

Real estate in Kent, Surrey, Middx, Berks and Essex left to sister Mistress Elizabeth Longbaine of Oxon, widow, and nephew Nathaniel Chyles of Middle Temple, esquire.

Many family bequests, including 100 for Sampson, the son of her nephew Edward Potter.

Proved 1.12.1673