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Wills - John Hodsoll of Ash, 1434

John Hodsoll lived in the village of the same name in Ash parish, but also owned land in Stansted and Kemsing.  He made a lot of bequests to local churches, so for example from this we know that Ash Church would have had statues of St Mary and St Nicholas, because he is paying for the candles to be burnt before them.  His heirs were his wife Margaret and son William.  William died in 1455 and is buried at St Nicholas, Rochester.  

In the name of God, Amen.  I John Hodesole, on the 27th day of the month of January, in the year of the Lord 1433 (= 1434), of sound mind, made this my will in this manner.  First I leave my soul to God, the Blessed Mary and all his Saints, and my body to be buried in the Church of Assche before the cross there.  Item I leave to the high alter there for small tithes forgotten, and to pray for my soul, 6s 8d.  Item I leave to the light of the blessed Mary for repairs, one cow, and to maintain the said light, 10s.  Item I leave to maintain the Trendle there, 10s (a sort of chandelier suspended from the roof).  Item I leave to the light of St Nicholas there 3s 4d.  Item I leave to the works of the Church of Kemsynnge (Kemsing)13s 4d.  Item I leave to the high altar for small tithes forgotten, 40d.  Item I leave to the light of the Blessed Mary there, 40d.  Item to the high altar of Stansted, 3s 4d.  Item to the light before the cross there, 3s 4d.  Item to the light of the Blessed Mary there, 3s 4d.  Item to the works on the same church, 40s.  Item to each of my godsons and goddaughter, 12d.  Item I leave to the Carmelite brothers of Aylysforde (Aylesford) to conduct trental masses of St Gregory for my soul without fraud or deception for one year after my decease, 13s 4d and half a quarter of wheat (1 bushel).  Item I leave to a suitable chaplain, or chaplains, at conduct mass for my soul and the souls of my friends, in the church of Assche, for 2 years, 20 marks (1 mark = 13s 4d, 66p).  Item to William Cogger, my servant, 10s and 1 black gown.  Item to William Cotyer, one old gown.  Item to John Hewe, my servant, 40d and one black gown.  Item I leave for my funeral expenses and Trentals, £10.  Item to the poor coming for alms on the days of the funeral and trental, and other alms, 7 marks.  Item I leave to distribute among my household, at the discretion of my executors, 20s.  Item I leave to John Yedeley, 13s 4d.  The remainder of all my goods not bequeathed, having first paid all my debts, if any remains then, I give and leave and assign to my wife Margaret and William my son, that they share equally among themselves.  And I make the same William and Thomas Barbour my executors in the premises, and I leave to the same Thomas for his labour, 13s 4d.  In witness whereof I append my seal to this present last will.  Given the day and year of the Lord abovesaid.

This present will was proved before master John Lyndefeld, Commissionary etc. 20th February in the abovesaid year...