Hartley Wills - Kipps Family (1609-1639)
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William Kipps owned the unidentified Birchet Field, but also Gossey Croft - still the name of a house on its site in Hartley Hill.


Will of William Kipps (1609)

His wife's name was Joyce. She was to have free egress and regress to his lands called Birchet Field and Gossie Croft "to dig clea and carry it away for 7 years". He had sons, Edward, Thomas, John, William and Stephen, and daughters Joyce and Dorita. To his brother Gilbert he gives "a tymber tree which he desired of me". Another bequest is a "twelmotings haver bullock".

PRO PROB 11/179

Will of Stephen Kipps of Hartley, yeoman (1639)

He leaves his soul to Almighty God and his body to a Christian burial.

To Dorothy his sister: 10

To his brothers: 2s each.

To the four children of his "brother" Thomas Middleton: 4s each.

To Elizabeth, his sister: 5s

To Alice, his sister: 5s

All to be paid 6 months after the decease of his mother.

To John Overy: the remainder of that sum

To Gabriel Ashpoole and John Overy: all the household stuff and moveables "that I have in Essex".

He appoints John Overy as executor

(X) Stephen Kipps

Dated 14 April 1638

Proved London 13 February 1639

(PCC Administration)

Stephen Kipps of Hartley to Thomas Middleton, father of Thomas, John, Joan and Susan Middleton, nephews and nieces ex sis. during their minority (2 October 1638)