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Wills - John Knowles 1782

John Knowles had been the tenant of the Kings Arms Public House in Hartley since at least 1744 (now Hartley Bottom Farm).  The will of William Goldsmith, his son-in-law is also available on this site.  What follows is a summary of the bequests.

Will of John Knowles of Hartley, victualler

Leaves soul to God, and body to be buried at the discretion of the executors.

To Elizabeth Knowles, widow of his late son John - £20

To Granddaughter Sarah, daughter of Elizabeth - £20

To Granddaughter Elizabeth Knowles, daughter of Elizabeth - £20 when aged 21 or when married.

To daughter Anna, wife of David Perret of Ash next Ridley, £40

To daughter Elizabeth, wife of Francis Treadwell, £90

To granddaughter Elizabeth, wife of John Pratt of Singlewell, £60

To granddaughter Mary Pettit, "who now lives with me" - £5

To grandson John Goldsmith, son of his son in law William Goldsmith - £5

To son in law William Goldsmith and wife Sarah, whom he appoints as executors - remainder of personal estate

Dated 26.1.1782
Witnesses: John Ashdown, Charles Bishop

Proved at London, 8 March 1782 by William Goldsmith