Hartley Wills - Lethieullier Family 1739-1779

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According to Hasted, the Lethieulliers were Huguenots - Protestants fleeing religious persecution in France. A people legendary for their talent, the Lethieulliers were just one Huguenot family of many that prospered in their new country. William left the farm to his youngest son Samuel in 1736. His widow Sarah (d 1779), who had remarried Stephen Holland, left it to Dr John Clark, who in turn left it in 1796 to his niece Mrs Sauxy. William Lethieullier had bought Daltons farm, recently renamed Hartley Wood Farm from Ralph Egerton in 1726. It is now known as Hartley Manor.


Will of William Lethieullier of Beckenham, barber surgeon (1739)

"I resign my precious and immortal soul into the hands of my heavenly Father.... my body I commit to the earth to be decently interred .... in the parish Church of Beckenham... by my late dear wife and children".

He has purchased for his eldest son John Lethieullier the office of Remembrancer of London from John Preston for 2,900; and he has borrowed from William Gosselin of London the sum of 2,500 on John's behalf. Therefore he leaves manors of Sutton at Hone, Wilmington and Roughill in Kent, houses at Dartford, farm at Marsh Street near Dartford, to Thomas Mottley and Hugh Corry, that they raise the said sums from the revenues or sale of the same. Any interest payments he has made to go to his executrix. Annuity of 15 to be paid to Susan Adams, wife of John Adams of Bromley to paid from remainder, and rest to be held by trustees on John's behalf.

To dear and loving wife, Mary Lethieullier: his dwelling house at Beckenham. And to Susan Adams: his house at Bromley. To hold for life, then reversion to son Manning Lethieullier, to whom he also leaves Kent House Farm in Beckenham, messuage in Lewisham, 2 messuages in Bromley, messuage in Penge Green in Battersea. Subject to annuity of 10 for Susan Adams.

To third son William Lethieullier: farm at Dartford Heath and 2 woods called Haxells and Death Springe, which he bought off _____ Bucks of Erith.

"Also I give, devise and bequeath to my fourth son Samuel Lethieullier: all that my farm of Hartley Wood in the parish of Hartley in the said county of Kent with all and every of its appurtenances. To hold to him and his heirs and assigns forever."

He divides his personal estate into 3 parts, according to the custom of the City of London. One part to wife Mary; one part to be divided between his 7 children - John, Manning, William, Mary, Samuel, Letitia, and Leonorah Lethieullier; third part to daughter Mary and son John Lethieullier.

To wife Mary: all jewels, gold watch and rings which he gave her, his coach, chariot and coach horses and all household goods, except linen, at Beckenham. Also his stock on the land and silver scalloped tea table.

To wife and daughters Mary, Letitia, and Leonorah: all his household linen and plate.

To son Samuel: "my gold watch, which my wife gave me after our marriage, and which was formerly her uncle Winder's, which I will my said son shall have when his mother thinks fit".

To wife: 100 in trust for use of Elizabeth Carpenter, wife of John Carpenter of Beckenham, smith.

To godson John Carpenter: 100

To John Woodmansee, his bailiff at Hally near Sutton at Hone: 100

To godson John Williams: 100; and money for mourning to relations and friends at executrix's discretion.

Mary Lethieullier to be sole executrix and guardian of any underage children of theirs.

(S) William Lethieullier

Witnesses: William Ingram, George Bradbury, John Lockett

Dated 8 December 1736

Proved at London by Mary Lethieullier, 13 December 1739.

PRO PROB 11/797 sig. 253

Will of Samuel Lethieullier of Beckenham (1752)

Wishes to be buried in a "decent but not expensive way", and near his parents.

To sister Leonora Holden: 20 for mourning, and his diamond sleeve buttons.

To sister Letitia Lethieullier: 20 for mourning, "my gold watch and chain with my father's picture" (if he has no children).

To Samuel Mugeridge and John Wallis: 5 if with him at the time of his death.

To "loving" wife Sarah: remainder of estate, she to be executrix

(S) Samuel Lethieullier

Witnesses: Jos Tyler, Aaron Levi, Anthony Hopper

Dated: 5 October 1751

Proved at London: 12 December 1752


Will of Sarah Holland of Beckenham, widow (1779)

To (1) Lady Frances Bruce, 2nd daughter of the Earl of Aylesbury: 200; (2) Hon. Charles Bruce, son of the said Earl of Aylesbury: 200; (3) Colt (?) Boare, son of Richard Boare of Barn Elms, Surrey, esquire: 500 in 4 percent annuities; (4) Mrs Ann Warren, wife of Rev Erasmus Warren, rector of Hampstead, Middx: 100; (5) Mrs Dorothy Banyer, wife of Laurence Banyer: 100; (6) Mrs Eleanor Lynne, widow: 100; (7) Mrs Anna Horsefall, wife of Capt. Horsefall: 100; (8) Grace Honnor, widow: 100; (9) Catherine Pennell, widow of Henry Willoughby Pennell: 100; (10) Mary Scott, sister of the said Catherine Pennell: 100; (11) Susanna Siggurs, widow: 200; (12) Susanna Thorpe, daughter of the said Susanna Siggurs: 100; (13) Thomas Holland Siggurs, son of the said Susanna Siggurs: 100; (14) Elizabeth Boot, another daughter of Susanna Siggurs: 100; (15) Mary Siggurs, another daughter of Susanna Siggurs: 100; (16) Sarah Holland Boot, daughter of the said Elizabeth Boot: 100; (17) Mary Fermer of Beckenham, wife of William Fermer: 50; (18) Samuel Sumpter of Rochester: 200; (19) Mrs Rachael Waller: 100; (20) Margeret Lethieullier: 100; (21) Mrs Letieia Clerke, widow of Thomas Clerke, esq: 100; (22) Matilda Clerke, daughter of the said Thomas Clerke: 100; (23) Miss Sarah Letheiullier, daughter of the late John Green Letheieullier: 100; (24) Letitia Barker, widow of the late Major Robert Barker: 200; (25) Elizabeth Bardon: 100; (26) Elizabeth Newman: 100; (27) Sarah Newman her sister: 20; (28) Elizabeth Collins: 100; (29) John Matthew of Beckenham, farmer: 50; (30) Her servant William Weaver: 100; (31) John Fangoin, now or late in the service of Henry Boare esq: 20; John Leboin of Deptford: 10; (32) Jane Leboin: 10; (33) William Jeffrey: 50; (34) Sarah Collier, widow: 50; (35) James Collier her son: 20; (36) George Stepney Townley: 100; (37) John Turner: 100; (38) Mr Mark Haggard of the Bank of England: 200; (39) Miss Frances Read of Bromley, daughter of Henry Read, surgeon: 200; (40) William Langsland of Beckenham: 50; (41) Servant Claudius Pinner: 200; (42) Sarah Hickford, her goddaughter: 100; (43) Poor of Beckenham: 100 - all to be paid from the 7,000 in 4% annuities which she possesses.

Farm at Battle Bridge, Essex and all land adjoining Hatfield Mill, Essex to said Erasmus Warren the father, subject to following annuities: (a) 20 to said Grace Honnor; (b) 10 to said Catherine Pennell; (c) 10 to said Mary Scott.

Farm in Tottenham, Middx to said Rachel Waller and Margaret Lethieullier with the following annuities: (a) 30 to said Letitia Barker; (b) 15 to said Elizabeth Bardon; (c) 20 to said William Weaver; (d) 20 to said Ann Lawton; (e) 20 to said William Jeffrey.

Rentcharge payable to her on estate in Suffolk to be subject to same uses as "my moiety of the said lands and hereditaments is settled and limited by a certain indenture bearing date the 7th day of February 1765" made between (1) Francis Austen of Sevenoaks (2) John Keeble and her late sister Hanah his wife (3) her late husband Stephen Holland (4) Thomas Gregory of Cliffords Inn. She leaves this estate to her niece Sally Keeble with reversion to Erasmus Warren the father.

House in Beckenham to said Erasmus Warren the father. And large silver writer(?) to said Rachel Wallor.

(various provisions about payment of legacies)

Erasmus Warren the father to be executor.

Dated 17 April 1779 (A few provisions amended by codicil dated 1 May 1779)

Proved at London 8 July 1779.