Hartley Wills - Petley Family
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The Petley family's interest in Hartley was in the freehold of Hartley Wood Corner - then a 21 acre estate in Manor Lane. They acquired the estate through marriage - Thomas Petley had married Margaret Gifford, daughter of the then owner George Gifford. After George's death the 3 daughters partitioned his estate in 1707, Margaret and Thomas getting Hartley Wood Corner. The Petley family parted with the farm in about 1799.

PRO PROB 11/479

Will of Ralph Petley senior of Riverhead, esquire (1704)

He leaves his soul to God, body to be buried in Sevenoaks Church.

To poor of Sevenoaks: 40s

To sons John, Ralph; daughter Jane Fowler, son Thomas Petley's wife; kinswoman Mrs Elizabeth Leigh: 10 for mourning.

To eldest son Thomas: all personal estate, Thomas also made executor.

To son John: land at Addington, Meopham, Nonnington.

To son Ralph: land at Kingsdowne, for life and then to Ralph, son of his son Thomas

To son Thomas: other lands in Kent and Surrey

Dated 28 April 3 Anne 1704

Proved at London 8 September 1704

PRO PROB 11/730

Will of Jane Petley of Riverhead, spinster (1743)

She leaves her soul to God.

To each of brother Ralph's servants: 5

To cousin Charles Petley, son of uncle John Petley: 50

To Multon Perry, son of Rev Perry of Ash: 50

To "dear and loving brother" Ralph Petley: all personal good and all lands (not specified). Ralph to be executor.

Dated: 18 July 1743

Proved at London: 3 November 1743

Will of John Petley of Rochester, gentleman (1747) (PRO PROB 11/756)

He leaves his soul to Almighty God "hoping through the merits of Christ Jesus my only saviour and redeemer, to enjoy a life of eternal glory in heaven. Body to be buried in Addington Church "in or near the seat which belongs or is appropriated to Woodgate Farm, and my coffin to be very plain and to be buried very privately at the least expense that may be".

To dear wife: interest of 500 currently with Richard Knowles, cutler of London, for the term of her life. Money to go to daughter Jane after her death, with reversion to son Charles.

To wife and her heirs: Sum of 330 owed by Stephen Luslington of Sittingbourne, and interest money of 500 due from his son Thomas Godfey Ludlington, details of obligation owed him.

To son Charles: interest on the said bonds.

Wife to be made executrix, "desiring her utmost care of dear daughter Binny (?)"

To son Charles: diamond ring with his brother's hair in the middle, also "all my black prints and my painting box with all the utensils belonging thereto".

To daughter Jane: "the oaken chest of draws which was bought at Mr Webb's sale.

Various provisions in case the sale of his goods does not cover funeral expenses and other debts.

Dated.......... 1743

Jane Petley of the parish of St Margaret next the city of Rochester... widow....; Charles Petley of the said parish... gentleman; and Jane Petley the younger of the same place, spinster, only children of the said John Petley deceased; John Speck of Chatham... gentleman; and William Gates of the said city of Rochester, gentleman, jointly and severally make oath and say, and first the said Jane Petley the elder, Charles Petley and Jane Petley the younger say. That the said John Petley departed this life on the 29th day of June last past, at his dwelling house in the said parish of St Margaret, and that they, these deponents, the said Jane Petley the elder, Charles Petley and Jane Petley the younger did on the same 29th day of June last past, find amongst other papers of the said deceased locked up in this Scrutore which stood in a parlour of the said deceased's dwelling house at the time of his decease, and to which he had frequent recourse, the paper writings hereunto annexed purporting to be the last will and testament or testamentary schedules of the said deceased, one of which beginneth thus.....

Will of John Petley (PRO PROB 11/1224 sig 529)

Formerly of Riverhead, now of Arundel Street, Near Haymarket, Middx, captain in 19th regiment of Light Dragoons

All property whether real or personal left to mother Elizabeth Petley of Riverhead, appointed executor.

Dated 2.7.1783

Proved London 6.10.1792

Will of Robert Carter Petley of Riverhead esq. (PRO PROB 11/1168, sig 366)

To wife Elizabeth - all rents and profits of lands and personal estate for life, then lands to be shared between children, male and female, but not eldest son, who already has an estate entailed to him, as tenants in common.

Wife to be executor

Dated 15.2.1788

Proved London 10.7.1788