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 Will of John Robynson, rector of Fawkham 1516

Summary: This is the will of John Robynson, the rector of Fawkham.  He appears to have been a colourful character who had to face a number of charges in the bishop's consistory court the year before, including charges of usury with Richard Sprencer of Hartley, and also for selling quack medicene.  This led to his dismissal.  The Simon Thompson, whom he left money to, was the curate of both Fawkham and Hartley.

The will is the only evidence that Hartley Church had an Easter Sepulchre.

In the name of God Amen.  The 6th day of the month of January in the year of our Lord God 1515 [1516 in modern style], I John Robynson priest and parson of the church of Fawkham in Kent, being in whole mind and of good memory, make and ordain this my last will and testament in form and manner following.

First I bequeath my soul to Almighty God, our lady St Mary and to all the holy company in heaven, and my body to be buried within the parish church of All Hallows in Lombard Street.  I bequeath to the works of the said church and for my pit - 10s.  Item I will that a priest shall sing for my soul, my mother's soul and for all Christian souls during a year and a half within the parish church of Elvynton in Yorkshire.  And the same priest or another priest to sing for me half a year within the parish church of Escreke.  And to the priest or priests I bequeath for their salary and wages - 7 marks (£4 13s 4d) by year.  Item to the three eldest children of my brother William to each of them - 5 marks (£3 6s 8d) a piece.  Moreover I will that Thomas Jameson, merchant and citizen of York have the custody and keeping of the said bequest to the said three children, so that he find sufficient surety to restor and deliver the said bequest to the said three children to their heirs or assignees at such time they shall come to lawful age.  And I will that each of the said children of my brother be other heir to inyoey? and to have the said bequest.  And if so be that my brother William father to the said 3 children can find sufficient surety to restore and to deliver the said bequest to his three children when they come to lawful age, and each one of them to be heir to the other according to the clause before written, then I will that my said brother have the custody and governance of the said bequest to the three children belonging.  And then I will that Thomas Jameson the said merchant of York meddle not nor intermit not with the said bequest to the three children belonging.  Item I bequeath to Richard Trew, a jacket of worsted and to my sister Agnes a ring of silver gilt and enamel.  Item to my brother William Robynson a jacket of buckskin.  Item I forgive William Smyth of Harteley 4s that he oweth me.  Item I give the red cow that old John Unfray hath in keeping of mine to the church of Harteley to find 2 tapers at the sepulchre at Easter time, as long as the price or the increase will extend.  Item I bequeath to Sir Edmunde Close, priest, 3s 4d.  Item I ordain and make my executors Sir Symon Thomson priest and Thomas Kempe gyrdelen and citizen of London to dispose for me the residue of all my goods not bequeathed, these being witness Edmund Close priest and notary, and John Taylor cordwainer and citizen of London, written the date beforesaid.

Proved at London 14 April 1516.