Will of Thomas Rodwell, builder (1918)

Thomas Rodwell lived at Bertha Villa, Haverstock Drive. This house is no longer there, having been replaced by 11-15 Wellfield. This is a summary of the will.

(c) Peter Mayer 2003

He appoints his son Frank Rodwell and his solicitor William Hingeston Whitehead of Maidstone

To his daugher Edith Rodwell: all household furniture, plate, linen, china, books etc. Remainder to his executors.

Remainder of real and personal property to be sold by executors and split between his wife Ann, daughter Edith and son Frank, after expenses and any debts paid.

Dated 18 October 1915 (Witnessed by Clifford Warner Nairn of The Elms, Hartley, builder; and George Henry McDanell of Hartley, clerk).


To daugher Edith: house called "Bertha Villa", Haverstock Drive; and land, plots 143 and 144 in Merton Road in Hartley.

To son Frank: land, plots 221-222 in Merton Road, plots 573-578 Woodland Avenue and plots 591-596 Gresham Avenue, all in Hartley.

Dated 17 October 1918 (Witnessed by Alfred W Cromar of Merton House, Longfield, and Clifford Warner Nairn as before.)


As his son Frank died on 1 November 1918, his share reverts to the estate and Clifford Warner Nairn is appointed as executor instead.

Dated 21 November 1919 (Witnesed by Thomas William Elliott of Old Downs Lodge, Hartley, and Clifford Warner Nairn as before)


Thomas Rodwell died on 27 November 1918 at Bertha Villa, and will proved by executors 11 April 1919. Value of the estate was 904 pounds, personal estate was 42 pounds.

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