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Wills of William and Alice Smith of Fawkham (1499) Page updated 29.12.10

William and Alice owned a house and lands in Hartley, which Wiliam left in his will to Richard Overy, the son of John Overy of Hartley.  The only clue as to where this land is, is in John's will of 1555 where he mentions a croft by Hayes farm (now called Woodins, Church Road), which he had bought off his son Richard.  Crofts are normally enclosed fields by a house.

KAO DRb/PWR8 f 237
Will of William Smythe of Fawkham (24 March 1530)

He leaves his soul to God and body to be buried in Fawkham Churchyard.

To the high altar of Fawkham - 40d

For the reparations of Fawkham Church - 1 quarter of barley

To the parish church of Hartley -  4 ewes and 4 lambs

A trental of masses to be said for his soul and all Christians

To William Feese - a quarter of barley.

To Margaret Johnson - a ewe and a lamb

To Margaret Mere - a ewe and a lamb

To Alice his wife "all my lands and tenements lying and being in the parishes of Fawkham and Hartly during her life.  And after her decease I will all my lands and tenements beforesaid to Richard Overey, the son of John Overey to him and his heirs forever".  If Richard predeceases her, then she has Fawkham lands absolutely, "Also yf the foresaide Richard decease without heyres, then I will that John Overery of Hartly fader to the foresaide Richard Overey have my howse and landes in the parissche of Hartley to hym and to his heires".

To Alice his wife - remainder of estate.

Richard Edmonson, parson, to be executor and to be paid one ewe.

Proved at Dartford, 31 May 1530

Will of Alice Smythe of Fawkham, widow (5 January 1531)

Bequeaths soul to God, body to be buried in churchyard.

To high altar - 8d.  To church of Fawkham - 1 cow.

To Thomas Walter's children - 6s 8d

To Agnes Barrey - 40d and a white petticoat.

To Johnson the elder - 20d.

To Richard Overey - 2 pieces of brass and bosnett, 12 pieces of pewter, 4 candlesticks, 2 brass pots, 1 featherbed, a bolster, 2 pillows, 2 blankets, 2 bullocks, and 20/- for his guardians (Thomas Walter to look after them until Richard be of full age, Thomas to have 6s 8d for his labours).

Margaret Overey to get best gown and "my ltb' " hat.

To the church of Hartley - ½ quarter barley

To parson of Hartley - 12d

John Overey to be executor and parson of Fawkham to be overseer.  To et 20d for their labours.

Proved at Rochester 1 March 1531.