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 Will of Richard Thorp of Hartley 1729

Summary: It appears Richard Thorp moved to Hartley between 1714 and 1716, his elder daughters Anne and Sarah were christened at Ash on 15 March 1707 and 23 September 1714 respectively.  But his youngest daughter Elizabeth was Christened at All Saints' in 1716.  He is presumably a relation of Edward Thorpe, a significant landowner, who owned several farms in Hartley in the mid 18th century.

Elizabeth Thorp was buried at Hartley in 1734.  

"In the name of God, Amen.  I Richard Thorp of the parish of Hartley in the county of Kent, yeoman, being weak and infirm in body, but of sound and perfect memory (I thank my Almighty God) and being willilng to set my house in order before I die, for the preservation of peace and amity amongst my wife and children, do therefore make this my last will and testament in manner following:

He leaves his soul to Almighty God, and body to be buried at the discretion of Elizabeth Thorp, his wife and executrix

To eldest daughter Anne Thorp - (1) £60 to be paid by executrix 1 year and 1 day after his death "without fraud or further delay"; (2) Four of the largest pewter dishes to be delivered by his executrix 6 days after his decease.

To daughter Sarah - £30 to be paid by executrix, one month after she turns 21.  Until then executrix "to keep and maintain my said daughter Sarah Thorp with lodging, clothing and the usual necessities of life"

To daughter Elizabeth - same bequest as Sarah

Remainder of personal estate left to loving wife Elizabeth Thorp.

Richard Thorp (X)

Witnesses: John Young, John Gwynne

Dated 17 June 1729

Proved at Rochester 5 July 1729