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Will of John Troylard (1457) Updated 29.12.10

In the name of God, Amen. The 12th day of September in the year of the Lord 1457. I John Troylard of Hertley, of sound mind and good memory [......] make my will in this manner. Firstly I leave my soul to Almighty God, the Blessed Mary and all the Saints; and my body to be buried in the cemetery of the said Church of Hertely aforesaid. Item: I leave to the high altar of the same Church - 12d. Item: I leave to support (?) the light of the High Cross - 4 bushels of barley. The remainder of my goods after payment of my debts and legacies, I give and bequeath to Joan my wife. I appoint, make and constitute the aforesaid Joan and Richard Overey to be executors of my will, so that they shall dispose as seems to be best for my soul. Given on the day and year abovesaid.

This is the last will of John Troilard, made at Hertle, on the 12th day of the month of September in the 38th year of Henry, the sixth after the conquest. The will of the said John Troilard is that Thomas Harry of Mepehamme and Richard Longfelde of the parish of Northflete, feoffees of the said John Troilard, enfeoff Joan, wife of the said John Troilard of and in one messuage with garden and with one croft adjoining in the parish of Mepehamme for her life. And after the death of the said Joan Troilard, the will of the said John Troilard is that the said feoffees sell the said messuage with garden with one croft and with all their appurtenances and the money received therefrom shall come by remainder to the executors of the said John Troilard. And the will of the said John Troylard is that his executors of the will pay or have paid half of the money received therefrom to Joan Warryn, daughter of the said Joan Warryn, if she is living after the death of her mother, at the age of 16 years; the will of the said John Troilard is that the executors shall disburse the remainder of the money received therefrom for my soul and for the soul of Joan Troylard my wife, and for all the souls of all the faithful departed.

Will with codicil proved at Rochester Cathedral on 30 October 1458 by wife Joan and probate reserved to Richard Overy (Kent Archives DRb/Pa3 fo 358)