Hartley-Kent: Map of Hartley
Hartley, Kent - Streetmap and land use map
Key to roads
Letters and numbers refer to grid on map.

Ash Road A1 etc
Banckside A1
Bedford Square A1 (1)
Beechlands Close C3 (1)
Berrylands C4 (1)
Billings Hill Shaw B1 etc
Brambledown B2 (2)
Bramblefield Road A1 (1)
Briars Way C3 (3)
Broomfields A4 (1)
Carmelite Way B4 (5)
Castle Hill A3
Cavendish Square A1 (1)
Caxton Close C2
Chantry Avenue B5
Chapel Wood Road B7 (1)
Cherry Trees B4 (6)
Church Road B3 etc
Conifer Avenue B4 (3)
Copse Side B1 (1)
Culcroft B1 (3)
Culvey Close B4 (1)
Dickens Close B3 (2)
Downs Valley A2
Eaton Square A1 (1)
Everglade Close B2 (5)
Fairacre Place B1 (2)
Fairby Lane B4
Fortuna Close B2 (4)
Gorse Way B2
Gorsewood Road C3
Grange Way B4 (7)
Grange Lane E5
Greenway B3 (1)
Gresham Avenue B3
Hartley Green A3(3)
Hartley Hill D7
Hartley Bottom Road E7
Hoselands View B2 (9)
Hottsfield B1 (2)
Johns Close C3 (4)
Larkwell Lane B2 (8)
Manor Drive C4
Manor View C4 (2)
Manor Lane C4 (3)
Merryfields Close B2 (3)
Merton Avenue B2
Northfield B1 (4)
Oast Way A4 (2)
Old Downs A3 (1)
Park Drive A1 (1)
Parkfield A2 (1)
Perran Close B2 (7)
Pitfield B2 (1)
Porchester Close C2 (1)
Quakers Close B1 (2)
Round Ash Way B4 (1)
Russell Square A1 (1)
Sandshaw Court A3 (2)
Silverdale B2 (6)
Simonds Drive C3 (2)
Sloane Square A1 (1)
Springcroft C4
St George's Square A1 (1)
St James's Square A1 (1)
St Johns Lane B4
Stack Lane B3
Tates Orchard B5 (1)
The Warrens B4 (4)
Wellfield B2
Wickhams Way B3 (3)
Woodland Avenue C3


Beauty, Cherry Trees C4
Bookshop, Ash Road B4
Butchers (Glovers Quality Meats), Hartley Bottom Road E7
DIY and Garden (Hartley Supplies), Church Road B3
Dry Cleaners (Briary), Cherry Trees C4
Equestrian (Glovers), Hartley Bottom Road E7
Estate Agent (Hartley Estates), Ash Road B3
Financial Planning, Cherry Trees C4
Grocery (Costcutters), Cherry Trees C4
Motor Spares (Gearbox), Cherry Trees C4
Newsagent (Sumners), Ash Road B3
Off Licence (Bottle and Basket), Church Road B3
Planning Consultant (Graham Simpkin), Ash Road B3
Post Office and Fairby Stores, Ash Road B4
Pub (Black Lion), Ash Road B6