News item from: Friends of Hartley Countryside
Date: 25 November 2002
Title: Local Press Summary November 2002

Text of News Item:

Dartford Messenger (7 November 2002)

This paper also has a weekly Hartley column.

"Cram in more houses, says Prescott" (page 9) - suggestion that Kent average of 20 houses per hectare (8 houses per acre) is too low.

(14 November 2002)

"Designer's vision causes confusion for town officials" (page 14) - plans for new city by 'Longfield' based Technical Landscapes.

(21 November 2002)

"Store smashed up in bungled raid" (page 4) - raid on Hartley Post Office (pictures)

"Fury at plan to up tax" (page 15) - Swanley Council complain of excessive increase in Sevenoaks District Council rates.

"Cliffe Airport" (page 28) - New Ash Green district councillors oppose Cliffe Airport.

Dartford Times

(7 November 2002)

"Driven Mad - 8 lane super M25, super town stretching from Swanley to Strood, Europe's biggest airport - How Much More Can We Take? (pages 1,3,4) Technical Landscapes advert for new city covering up to Longfield.

(14 November 2002)

"A regeneration too far" - letter from member of public pointing out that the city did not reach as far as Technical Landscape's base!

(21 November 2002)

"Cliffhanger that could change all our lives" (pages 6-7) - threat posed by government plans for aviation.

"Ramraiders Strike" (page 13) - raid on Hartley Post Office