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2001 was a busy year politically in Hartley. In Westminster and County Hall it was no change with Dr Howard Stoate (Labour) and Kent Tucker (Conservative) relected respecitively. Northfield, the issue that dominated the parish council, was opened to the public this year, but there were still questions over whether the council should be spending so much money on football pitches. It was claimed to be the issue in part that caused the resignations of three councillors. The bye-elections for two were held this year and Hartley welcomed new councillors Roy Glover and Lyndon Newins. Sadly 2001 saw the death of district councillor, John Sandeford - now commemorated on a plaque by the zebra crossing that he campaigned for.

Farming was in the news a lot this year because of the foot and mouth crisis. This caused great concern locally especially when a case was found in Kent, and Manor Field was closed as a precaution. On a brigher note Hartley Farmer Roy Glover won a "farming oscar" for the new butcher's shop at Hartley Bottom Farm.

Awards were also in the air for Ian Gibbons (for 20 years service to Scouting) and Vincent Hawkett (papal award).

Crime is a staple of all newspapers, and the papers reported on eight cases concerning Hartley. Pictures of local weddings and profiles on local schools and societies were commonplace too, including the 40th anniversary of the Hartley Flower Club.

Date Paper/(Journalist) Page Title/Details
10.1.2001 Gravesend Messenger 19 Property Advert
Kinnerton, Ash Road on market for £195,000 and the former stores, Church Road for £315,000.
10.1.2001 Gravesend Messenger Guest presents Scout awards
Scout group's annual carol concert. Medal of honour presented to one of their leaders for 20 years' service to local scouting (pictures)
10.1.2001 Gravesend Messenger 26 Village Fete
Details of distribution of funds raised.
17.1.2001 Dartford & Swanley Express 2 Comfy beyond words
Hartley Afternoon WI donate furniture to library for children (picture of president)
2.2.2001 Dartford Times 9 Roy's in the prime of his working life
Hartley farmer receives "farming oscar" - NFU President's Award for butcher's shop (picture of farmers)
8.2.2001 Gravesend Messenger 19 Parish Council
Manor Field Trust dissolved following suggestions that it might not be a correctly formed legal body. Council welcomes village survey produced by Friends of Hartley Countryside.
9.2.2001 Dartford Times 17 Dartford Photographic Society
Julian Delf wins 1st prize in Alexander competition
15.2.2001 Gravesend Messenger 5 Meating the standards
See Dartford Times 2.2.01 (picture of shop staff Ray Branham, Colin Blair and Andy Cayford).
15.2.2001 Gravesend Messenger 17 Move for council
Hartley Council plan to move office to Library.
2.3.2001 Dartford Times (Karen Hart)
Gravesend Messenger


Disease could cripple farmers (DT)
This time it could be worse than 1967 (GM)
Concerns about spread of foot and mouth disease in Kent. In 1960s it got to Brands Hatch but not Hartley. At present people need to walk through disinfectant to get to shop.
2.3.2001 Dartford Times (Ed Cook)

3 Farmer is ready to throw in the towel
Brian Edwards of Thamesview Farm on the problems caused by Foot and Mouth disease, and an attack by a dog in Hartley that led to 6 sheep being put down.
7.3.2001 Dartford & Swanley Express (Simon Alford) 1 Staff put out fire on train
Quick thinking staff put out fire on 6.10 am train at Longfield
Gravesend Messenger
Dartford Times (Ed Cook)


Time is up for post thief (GM)
Lazy Postman gets first class jail term for theft (DT)
Longfield postman jailed for 8 months for taking post from Longfield sorting office.
8.3.2001 Sevenoaks Chronicle 8 Council faces Catch 22 situation, says leader
Council tax up 4 times the rate of inflation. Band D for Hartley for 2001/2 will be £879.43
8.3.2001 Sevenoaks Chronicle 3 Bag taken out of Mum's car
Theft from car parked outside RC School in Church Road
16.3.2001 Dartford Times 31 Class of the week
Profile of Fawkham Primary School (pictures)
16.3.2001 Dartford Times 4 Farmer vents fury at dog walkers as crisis widens
As foot and mouth disease reaches Kent, local farmer expresses concerns that dog walkers and horse riders aren't always following MAFF guidelines to prevent the spread of the disease.
22.3.2001 Gravesend Messenger

22 Parish Council
Council has closed Manor Field until end of Foot and Mouth outbreak, which meant they met this month at URC hall. 44 letters received requesting horse riding on Northfield.
29.3.2001 Sevenoaks Chronicle 6 Hartley Handover
New village correspondent (picture of him and previous reporter)
1.4.2001 Family Tree Magazine 17 Genealogical Miscellany
Hartley correspondent has written to highlight the increasing problem of theft of church registers, by those involved in identity fraud.
11.4.2001 Gravesend Messenger 31 Sought after semi set in attractive gardens
Picture and profile of Ashkeys, Manor Drive, on market for £275,000
Evening Standard
Daily Mail
Daily Mail



Policeman 'flashed at old people's home' (17.4.01)
Was a 21-stone police sergeant undone by a faulty trouser zip? (18.4.01)
Zip-case sergeant guilty (19.4.01)

Case of indecent exposure at Hartley care home

27.4.2001 Dartford Times 13 Class of the week
Pictures and profile of Hartley Primary School
27.4.2001 Dartford Times 17 Club of the week
Picture and profjle of Hartley Afternoon WI
Sevenoaks Chronicle
Dartford Times


Pensioner fools armed robbers (SC)
Joe, 84, uses touch of blarney to foil robbers (DT)

Worker at Bottle and Basket shop in Church Road foils attempted theft (picture of shop in both papers)

3.5.2001 Gravesend Messenger 4 Celebrating 105 with a sherry
Picture Hartley's oldest resident Winnie Hall.
3.5.2001 Gravesend Messenger 21 Marathon vicar
Rector has completed the London Marathon and raised over £4,000 for charity. Another Hartley runner was running for the Lions Hospice and Breakthrough Breast Cancer charities.
11.5.2001 Dartford Times 22 Breaks spoil flow of words
Review of "Talking Heads" by Hartley Players wins mixed review, but only praise for star
24.5.2001 Gravesend Messenger 22 Gilbert and Sullivan
Favourable review of Princess Ida by Hartley G&S society.
7.6.2001 Sevenoaks Chronicle 6 Kebab Shop Enquiry
Planning inspector has refused permission for kebab shop in Cherry Trees.
Daily Mail
Dartford Messenger
Dartford Times



Husband charged over the body in the garden (Mail)
Husband on murder charge (DM)

Charged with murder (DT)
Fawkham man accused of murdering his wife in 1997 (pictures in both papers)

Dartford Messenger (Lorraine Homer)
Dartford Times


Here's to 'four good years' (DM)
My toughest battle yet says MP Stoate (DT)

Howard Stoate wins Dartford again for Labour, with a reduced majority of 3,306 and a swing of 0.47% to Conservative.


Dartford Messenger


Dartford's new political map
Kent Tucker wins Sevenoaks North East county council seat for the Conservatives with a 1,656 majority, but locally the conservatives lose one seat to Labour at Swanscombe.
15.6.2001 Dartford Times 20 Hartley Flower Club
Picture in All Saints' Hall in their 40th year
15.6.2001 Dartford Times 27 Our lady of Hartley RC School
Picture of reception class
13.7.2001 Dartford Times 9 More hugs and tears expected as former pupils plan second reunion
Reunion of those who attended Longfield CofE school between 1936 and 1946 (picture from 1937)
19.7.2001 Sevenoaks Chronicle 3 Court hears of DNA tests being conducted on skeleton found in garden
Trial at Maidstone Crown court of Fawkham man.
19.7.2001 Dartford Messenger 22 Papal Honour
Hartley RC church member wins Bene Merenti award.
26.7.2001 Sevenoaks Chronicle 14 Thief's key opportunity
Car stolen from outside paper shop in Ash Road.
27.7.2001 Gravesend Reporter 57 Tenders for Woodland
Hartley and Ash Parish Councils advertise for tenders to plant 4.5 hectares of woodland at Northfield.
10.8.2001 Dartford Times 1 Pony Distress
Six horses in Fawkham Road had to be put down after eating poisonous plant ragwort.
16.8.2001 Sevenoaks Chronicle 7 French Fun
Picture of West Kent WI playing petanque at Hartley Country Club.
23.8.2001 Dartford Messenger 9 Harvester sets fire to cornfields
20 hectares lost at Speedgate Farm, Fawkham.
30.8.2001 Dartford Messenger 23 Sumptuous property in secluded location
Feature on 5 bed house in Simmonds Drive, on market for £635,000.
31.8.2001 Dartford Times 8 Time to Act
Letter from Hartley resident in support of traffic calming at Bean
31.8.2001 Gravesend Extra 1 Three miles to class
7 year old child from Church Road refused place at Hartley Primary School and told by KCC she will have to go to Meopham School and walk there when she is one year older (picture).
13.9.2001 Dartford Messenger 24 Councillor quits suddenly
Hartley councillor resigns.
13.9.2001 Dartford Messenger 24 Grunt entertains
Christian entertainment by Australian at Church Hall.
14.9.2001 Gravesend Reporter 9 Make Hay! whether or not the sun shines!
North West Kent Countryside Project calls for help at Rectory Meadow
20.9.2001 Dartford Messenger 3 Young showjump star heartbroken over theft
Theft of 13 year old's horse from Manor Drive.
20.9.2001 Dartford Messenger 27 Flower Show
Prize winners at Horticultural Society autumn show .
11.10.2001 Dartford Messenger 29 Councillor resigns
Another councillor resigns from Hartley council
25.10.2001 Dartford Messenger 29 Schools
Pictures of reception classes at Hartley Primary and Hartley RC schools.
25.10.2001 Dartford Messenger
Sevenoaks Chronicle
Tale of two villages ends in double victory (DM)
Field of dreams (SC)

Northfield opened to the public (pictures)

26.10.2001 Dartford Times 10 Company directors banned
Two directors of Downtown Marine Ltd, one of whom lives in Gorsewood Road, disqualified for 2½ years from being a director by High Court.
26.10.2001 Gravesend Extra 11 Quarry returned to agricultural use
Dormant Websters Quarry in Hartley Bottom Road to be restored by removing 25,000 cubic metres of recycled waste.
26.10.2001 Dartford Times 15 Fund raisers make head's final big wish come true
Parent teacher association at Hartley Primary Shcool raised £70,000 for new hall. Linda Gogarty said "everyone has pulled together really well and it just shows what can be done".
1.11.2001 Dartford Messenger 35 Spacious detached house has plenty to offer inside and out
Wickets End in Quaker's Close for sale at £350,000. Description of house.
2.11.2001 Dartford Times 3 John dies of cancer at 72
Obituary of Hartley Sevenoaks Councillor, John Sandeford.
9.11.2001 Dartford Times 9 All ears
Sevenoaks Councillors to visit Hartley.
15.11.2001 Dartford Messenger 6 Video trap indecency man loses his appeal
Man convicted in April of indecent exposure loses his appeal
16.11.2001 Dartford Times 13 Class of the week
Our Lady of Hartley RC School (pictures)
22.11.2001 Dartford Messenger (Colin Senneck) 22 Parish Council
Councillor Clive Gronow resigns from Hartley council. Council agrees to support idea of community centre on Pitfield old garage site.
23.11.2001 Dartford Times 3 RIP John
Service of thanksgiving held for John Sandeford
29.11.2001 Dartford Messenger 7 Seats ditched over bitter field rows
Three councillors from Hartley have now resigned, partly over issue of Northfield. Picture of two of them.
30.11.2001 Dartford Times 5 Tea cups catch out thief
Caxton Close man jailed for 25 burglaries and 18 counts of deception.
30.11.2001 Dartford Times 17 Class of the week
Pictures of Hartley Primary School
6.12.2001 Dartford Messenger 25 Flints and stones won't stop progress
Feature on Northfield and the question of flints and football.
6.12.2001 Dartford Messenger 25 Candidates prepare to fight for seats on parish council
Bye election candidates are Roy Glover, Lyndon Newins, James Gaywood, Anne Oxtoby.
13.12.2001 Sevenoaks Chronicle 7 Long service
Presentation by parish council to two former councillors (pictured with chairman)
13.12.2001 Sevenoaks Chronicle 4 Primary Children excel in science
Local schools outperform the national average score for 11 year olds of 27.3:-

New Ash Green (27.9), Hartley Primary (29.5), Our Lady of Hartley RC (30.0), Fawkham C of E (30.5)

Dartford Messenger
Dartford Times


Farmer cultivates vote win (DM)
Farmer Roy's on a roll! (DT)

Roy Glover (482) and Lyndon Newins (371) elected to Hartley Council (other candidates were James Gaywood (329), Anne Oxtoby (319))

Dartford Messenger

Gravesend Messenger

Politicians ignore people's wishes
Field all set for political football
Letter by Hartley resident saying that there is no need for football pitches, and when asked 80% of local people voted against them.