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Roads of Hartley - Carmelite Way (DA3 8BP)

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Southern End, looking east

Middle, looking east

Cul de Sac, looking north

Carmelite Way lies in the centre of Hartley. The houses are numbered 1-27 (odd) and 2-42 (even). They are a mixture of housing types - there are four bungalows and 14 semi-detached houses, while the remainder are detached houses.

The road was developed in 2 stages, numbers 1-10 were built by Newlockton Builders Ltd in 1966 on land which was formerly owned by the Roman Catholic Church as part of Middle Farm, hence the name given to the road. At that time the road ended in the small turning circle outside numbers 8-10 and beyond that was an orchard. Numbers 11-42 were contructed in 1970 by local firm Brewster Estates Limited, on a number of separate parcels on land, including the back gardens of some of the houses that back onto Carmelite Way from Ash Road.

Historically, Carmelite Way lies over Upper Homefield, a 9 acre field belonging to Middle Farm.

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