Roads of Hartley - Culvey Close (DA3 8BS) and
Broomfields (DA3 8BW)

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Culvey Close - taken from the Social Club, looking towards the Country Club

Broomfields from the entrance to Culvey Close.

Country Club

Culvey Close is a short cul-de-sac, but the presence of the Social Club at one end and the Country Club at the other help to explain the presence of the double yellow lines in the picture. The odd numbers 1-13 were built in about 1968 by local builder Ronald Billings. The even numbers 2-6 and all 10 houses of Broomfields were added later. Culvey Close is a mixture of semi-detached and detached houses, Broomfields is all detached houses.

All the land on the south side of the road was owned by the Country Club, who applied in 1966 to build 8 houses. Dartford Rural District Council agreed with the proviso that they only build 7. These were built in 1968 by prolific local builder Ron Billings (builder of Parkfield, Bramblefields and Round Ash Way estates also, amongst others).  It appears that buyers paid for the land and buidlings separately - the sale of one plot was £1,500 and it doesn't mention a house, and the price would have been too low even for 1968.

Originally the north side of the road was the depot for Ellerby's Transport and beyond that a house accessed from Ash Road called Broomfield. In the 1990s they moved out and Broomfields with the remaining houses in Culvey Close were built in 1993 on the site of the yard and Broomfield.

In September 2004 one of the older Culvey Close houses was on the market for £315,000, in the previous year one of the newer houses of Culvey Close/Broomfields was marketed at £339,995.

At the end of the road is Hartley Country Club, opened in 1934. It has strong cricket and petanque teams, but also offers tennis, squash and a bar/restaurant. It is a private club and details of membership can be obtained from their website, which also gives details of facilities and history.

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