Roads of Hartley
Round Ash Way (DA3 8BT); Oast Way (DA3 8BU);
Conifer Avenue (DA3 8BX)

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Round Ash Way looking east Round Ash Way looking towards the green from Oast Way 

Round Ash Way looking west.

Conifer Avenue from Fairby Lane end

These three roads were built in two phases on land that was formerly part of Fairby Grange. All the road names are fairly explanatory, although Round Ash Way has lost the Ash tree on the green which gives it its name. Originally the houses were named, but in 1973 the roads were numbered at the request of the residents to make it easier for public services.

Round Ash Way has 26 detached houses, leading to the Primary School, while another dozen detached houses make up Conifer Avenue. However Oast Way is a little different with 6 detached houses and 8 bungalows in pairs joined by their garages.

From the earliest the land that underlies Round Ash Way belonged to Fairby Farm, in the 19th century it was pasture land called Upper Meadow and Lower Meadow (numbers 22-30 (even) overlie Upper Meadow, the rest of the road was once Lower Meadow). When Alfred Salter bought Fairby and the remaining 13 acres of grounds in 1917, he turned the house into a nursing home for mothers and babies, while the grounds became a nursery too - of trees and flowers to beautify his borough of Bermondsey. According to Fenner Brockway ("The Bermondsey Story") "One of his first actions after Labour secured a majority in 1922 was to present it to the borough council for two purposes: the building and the gardens were to be used to rehabilitate the lives of mothers and children after childbirth or illness, the estate was to be used to grow trees and flowers for the beautification of Bermondsey. Mr W H Johns, the Borough Gardens Superintendent, soon got to work plaing striplings of elms, poplars, planes and acacias in long rows, and within a year they were being transplanted to the streets of Bermondsey". Local people in Bermondsey were also offered bulbs from Fairby to make their own window boxes.

During the last war the land that would become Round Ash Way was mainly growing vegetables, with 2 acres of grassland being ploughed up for the first time in 1941. The War Agricultual Executive was impressed with the management, giving a grade A status.

When Fairby Grange was being sold by Bermondsey Council, a number of prospective purchasers applied for planning permission to see what the council's attidude would be (applications 54/339 and 55/80), as well as the eventual purchaser - Ron Billings. He applied in 1957 for what would become Round Ash Way, Conifer Avenue and Oast Way (application 57/258). It was a complicated application, with negotiations about mains drainage and the siting of the school to be settled before building could take place. The roads might have looked very different too - a 1961 draft shows 28 houses in Round Ash Way and no "round ash" at all; instead there would have been a grass verge in front of the even numbers. In addition Conifer Avenue would not have carried on to Fairby Lane. The conveyance of the school site (29 November 1963) shows a very different Oast Way, which would have joined Fairby Lane, instead of Conifer Avenue.
Number Name  Date Notes
Round Ash Way South Side    
1 Fairby House 1964  
3 Tara 1964  
5 Talland 1964  
7 Catkins 1964  
9 Lugano 1964  
(Conifer Avenue)      
11 Hatfield House 1964  
13 Drumbrydan 1964  
15 Fairstead 1964  
17 Passfields 1964  
19 Kesdene 1964  
21 Tertan 1964  
(Oast Way)      
  North Side    
2 Angles 1964  
4 Laudara 1964  
6 Suelin 1964  
8 Dane Lodge 1964 Previously called "Bridence Cottage" (1964-66).
10 Plot 23 1964  
12 Kwanzan 1964 Kwanzan is the name of a flowering cherry tree
14 Salters 1964 Named after Alfred Salter, who bought Fairby in 1917
16 Fairway 1964  
18 Corrie 1964 Planning permission for ground and first floor side extension (SE/03/2252)
20 Penralt 1964 Penralt is a village in Gwynedd
22 Little Gidding 1964  
24 Appleskip 1964  
26 Kronberg 1964 Planning permission for front extension to ground floor (SE/01/1352)
28 Koinonia 1964  
30 Birkenhaus 1964  
Primary School     Planning permission renewed for mobile classroom (SE/00/1057)
Conifer Avenue      
(Round Ash Way) East side    
1 Four Ways 1968  
3 Amberley 1968  
5 The Beild 1968 Beild means a "place of shelter"
7 Nova 1968 Planning permission for first floor rear extension (SE/01/617)
9 White Wings 1968  
11 Utne 1968  
13 Drybeck 1968  
(Fairby Lane)      
  West side    
2 Sherwood 1964  
4 Copperfields 1968  
6 Holly Hey 1968 Possibly named after street in Knowsley; planning permission to convert garage to room (SE/02/2763)
8 Conifer House 1968  
10 Appleton 1968  
12 Tayga 1968  
Oast Way      
(Conifer Avenue)      
1 Maltings 1970  
3 Rangimarie 1970  
5 Kimberley 1970  
7 Wyndana 1970  
9 Can Picafort 1970 Can Picafort is a place in Spain
11 White Gables 1970  
13 Warwick 1970  
15 Roundel 1970  
17 Ventura 1970  
19 Argil 1970  
21 Ashoka 1966  
(Round Ash Way)      
2 Calella 1970  
4 Kirabalu 1970  
6 Tequendama 1970 Tequendama is a place in Argentina

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