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Roads of Hartley - Tates Orchard (DA3 8EB)

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Tate's Orchard, Hartley, Kent - from Ash Road entrance

Tate's Orchard, Hartley, Kent - from Ash Road entrance From Ash Road entrance to road

KCC Road Number: U15349 - Unclassified single carriageway (113 metres long).

The nine bungalows of Tates Orchard is one of Hartley's newer roads, having been built in 1984/5 on part of the gardens of Trevone and Ethelbert in Ash Road by St Mary Cray firm Foven Construction Limited.  However it wasn't the first attempt to develop the land, for Wards Construction (Medway) Ltd withdrew an application to develop in 1973.

The road is named after the Tate family who figured greatly in the 20th century history of Hartley and who owned the neighbouring houses, and who had sold the land for Trevone and Ethelbert to be built in 1934.

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