Roads of Hartley - The Warrens (DA3 8DB)

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The Warrens is a small cul-de-sac off Ash Road by All Saints' Church Centre.  It consists of 2 detached, 6 semi-detached houses and 6 bungalows.  

The history of the road is somewhat complex, as it is built on the back gardens of three different houses.  Melford Lodge is built on the back garden of Plympton, Ash Road.   Ironsides and Dormans overlies part of the land that belonged to Hartley Rectory, while the remainder of the road was once part of The Red House, Ash Road.

The majority of the road was built in 1961 by Dartford firm J H Brewster Limited (planning permission 60/245), who also built Carmelite Way and other roads in Hartley. The remainder were built in the period 1967 to 1984.  Ironsides and Dormans were built by The Foven Construction Company Limited.

List of Houses with approximate first construction date
clockwise from Ash Road
Ainslea (1961)
Goldcrest (1961)
Little Charlton (1961)
Fairhaven (1961)
Melford Lodge (1984)
Fidra (1971)
Ashby (1961)
Lamplighters (1961)
Timbers (1961)
Lynmoor (1961)
Kimberley (1961)
Pippins (1961)
Dormans (1967)
Ironsides (1967)
All Saints' Church Centre (1953)

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