Hartley Wills - Gifford Family

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George Gifford owned Pennis house, which had a few fields in Hartley just on the border with Fawkham. However he also owned Hartley Wood Corner, in Manor Drive, then a 14 acre farm.

Will of George Gifford of Fawkham, 1704 (PRO PROB 11/479 sig. 231)

In the name of God Amen, I George Gifford of Pennis in the parish of Fawkeham in the county of Kent, esquire, being in perfect health and memory (God praised) but being duly mindful of my death, this five and twentieth day of January in the year of our Lord God 1695 do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following: first in an humble manner returning my soul to God who gave it, I do give my body to the earth to be buried by my executor hereafter named by the grave of my most beloved daughter Margaret in the parish Church of Eynsford in the said county of Kent. And I do appoint my executor to lay upon my grave a marble stone within half a year with this inscription in these words "Quis hie sepultus quaris? Nuper fui Georgius Cifford armiger, pater virginis proximo subteraneo carcere habitantis. Nunc filius putiedinis et frater vermium nomen meum evanuit cum vita, quam post cunas in libris consumpsi quos pene simul eum vita clausi. Abi hospes quam vellem plus virtuti et minus me permisissem vitiis. Bene vixisse pulcherimum. Epitaphium meum meo". I go give to and Mr Gilson, vicar of Eynsford aforesaid the sum of 40 shillings, desiring him to preach a sermon to those who shall be at my burial. Also I do give the sum of 3 of lawful money to be distributed by teh said Mr Gilson to such poor people of the parish of Eynesford, as do usually frequent the said parish Church. Also I do give the sum of 40 shillings to be distributed by my executor amongst such of the poor of the said parish of Fawkeham as he pleaseth. Also I give the sum of 40 shillings to be distibuted by my executor to such poor people of the parish of Dartford in Kent, as Mr John Umfry of Dartford aforesaid shall inform him are fittest to receive his sum. And I do give 20 shillings to the rector of Fawkeham for the time being. Also I do give to every servant in my house who shall be there at the time at my death and have been there for the space of a year 30 shillings over and above their respective wages. Also I do give to my grandchild Margaret Petley and to her husband 10 a piece to buy them mourning. Also I do give to my granddaughter Mary Gifford the sum of 1,000 to be paid unto her at her day of marriage if she marry with her father's consent, or do outlive her father unmarried; if I do not pay the same in my lifetime and not otherwise. Also I do give unto my granddaughter Jane Gifford the sum of 500 of lawful money to be paid unto her at her day of marriage if she marry with her father's consent or do outlive her father unmarried and not otherwise. Also I do give unto my niece Mary Neipis, my brother's daughter, the sum of 40 of lawful money to be paid her to her own hand so that her husband may have no power to dispose of any part thereof by right, quarterly payments by even portions, the first quarterly payment to be upon the first usual quarter day which shall first happen after my death. Also I do give the sum of 10 to be equally divided between such children as her sister did have, who shall be alive at my death, although I know not one of them. Also I do give teh sum of 5 to Rose Channdler, daughter of my sister Harriott deceased, both which legacies I do appoint to be paid within three months after my death. Also I do give unto my cousin John Wells and to Mr Samuel Browne, to each of them a ring of 30 shillings in remembrance of my love and respect I ever had for them. Also I do give unto my old acquaintance Mr George French, a ring of twenty shillings. And I do make my beloved son Thomas Gifford my full and sole executor, to whom I give all my real and personal estate whatsoever and many lands, tenements and hereditaments whatsoever, charged nevertheless with the payment of my debts, legacies and ffuneral expenses. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal the same being all of my own handwriting.

George Gifford

Memorandum I did intersine the 24th line with my own hands, my intent being if I give or agree to give 1,000 in marriage with my granddaughter Mary, that then she is to have no further sum of money.

Memorandum: I have given security to Mr Selby to pay a thousand pounds to him for the portion of the said Mary, who by consent he is to marry, so that I do revoke the legacy of 1,000 given to the said Mary absolutely. January 28th 1700/1.

Memorandum: this will was signed, sealed and published by the said George Gifford, to be his last will and testament in the presence of us, whose names are subscribed as witnesses thereunto which we did in the presence of the said George Gifford and at his request. Gaspar Adolphus, Lucy Yates, Nicholas Cox.

Proved at London 3 November 1704.