Hartley-Kent: News Supplement:
Gravesend Classic Bus Day, 17 October 2004

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People living in Hartley in the 1950s remember the 490 buses from Gravesend were little 26 seater buses, which went along the then narrower Church Road to the green at Hartley Court. While slightly larger 489 buses took the Ash Road to the White Swan at Ash. Both of these routes and 16 others (including long since vanished routes like the 489A Gravesend - Longfield - Hook Green) beginning from Gravesend were recreated for the inaugural Gravesend Classic Bus Day.

The day was very well attended by bus enthusiast and local people alike, and most buses were full, with hundreds visiting the temporary "depot" at the Parrock Street Car Park. The vehicles themselves were a testament to the care of their various owners, with gleaming paintwork and immaculately clean interiors. See below for pictures of the day.

See Country Bus Rallies website for more details.

GS Bus at Hartley Court on one of its journeys GS Bus at Hartley Court Green
GS Bus at Hartley Court Green GS Bus outside All Saints' Church
People waiting to board an old Maidstone & District Bus at Parrock Street 1977 Vintage Bus at the Collyer's Arms, Betsham