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Hartley Parish Council - meeting 8 June 2009
Hartley Parish Council Meeting 8.6.09

Present: Cllrs Gaywood, Abraham, Alford, Barnett, Burns, Coates, Cole, Minns, Graeme, Oxtoby, Ramsay, Sewell; Mrs Hoad (clerk); 9 members of the public

Apologies: Cllr Granger

New councillor
Cllr Gaywood welcomed Cllr Coates, saying he was "delighted he's joined". He joined Finance, Burial and Communications committees.

1. Public Questions
(1) Mrs Cole - Cllr Gaywood congratulated her for her election for Dartford East on Kent County Council.
(2) Sevenoaks - Cllr Ramsay said they would probably recover all but £50,000 plus interest from Icelandic Banks.
(3) Hoselands Hill - Mr Mayer said that following the council's decision not to cut the grass in the orchid season, it is creating a potential hazard at the pedestrian crossing by the railway bridge because the grass is so high it is difficult to see traffic coming down the hill. Discussion followed about what could be done and when it could be cut.
(4) Sevenoaks Councillor Allowances - Mrs Burns asked Cllrs Gaywood and Ramsay to justify voting for 62% increase. Cllr Ramsay said it would stop "democratic deficit". Cllr Gaywood said it was a catch up exercise and thought it should have been implemented immediately rather than phased in. Cllr Sewell complimented Cllr Abraham for not voting for it, but he replied he should have had the courage to vote against. Cllr Gaywood also confirmed that they get petrol money on top of this.

2. Hartley Wood
Cllr Alford gave a speech congratulating Cllr Barnett and others involved in the village green application. He was annoyed at the cross examination in th public enquiry (as a result the inspector had a number of criticisms of the parish council)

The council passed a resolution demanding that Southwark spend money on a health and safety assessment and public liability insurance.

3. Communications
The committee at their meeting of 19 May 2009 looked at applying for the power of promotion of well being (this frees councils from the limits on spending set by section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972)

4. Finance
(1) WI Hall - the council agreed to engage a solicitor to transfer the hall on charitable trusts.
(2) Parish Plan - they want to remove references to providing a skateboard park for children but were otherwise happy with the draft.
(3) Youth - they allowed a grafiti project at the youth shelter in Woodland Avenue and for "In the Zone" to use the park in the summer holidays.
(4) CCTV - they opposed a suggestion for CCTV at the bottom of Gorsewood Road, where residents have concerns.
(5) Air Ambulance - the charity requested a site for a clothes bank, but the council said they didn't have one. suitable.

5. Planning
They too agreed to the parish plan draft with a few amendments. Details of planning applications are at the planning webpage

6. Northfield
They discussed a meeting held on 1 June 2009 about surface water run off. One the residents who attended raised concerns that the legal advice he had received that suggested they can't allow run off had been omitted from the council's minutes of the meeting. He got the impression that the council's advice which he was not allowed to see wasn't as conclusive as claimed.

The options considered for Northfield were a bund, a ditch, a pond or a soakaway. They would look into them.

7. Amenities
They agreed to award the routine maintenance contract to TD Munday for £6,036 in 2009/10 compared with £6,031 the previous year. No other tenders were received.

8. Payments
Payments for June of £11,590 were agreed. Cllr Burns thought the cost of cesspool emptying was high, Mrs Hoad thought it was correct.

9. New Burial Ground
This was a secret meeting to which the public were barred.
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