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Hartley Parish Council - September 2009
Parish Council meeting 14 September 2009

4. Amenities and Open Spaces (27 July meeting)
The minutes were approved, it discussed:

(a) Manor Field - complaints by the cricket club about rabbits. Council will fill in holes with peat and sand. For the football season, 4 teams form Hartley De Sales will be using the ground (U13, U14, U15 and colts). The owner of land the council needs to cross to erect a new meter cupboard has confirmed he will not charge for the easement.

(b) Manor Pavilion - council to pay £180 pa for chlorination of water, and £200 pa for legionella testing.

(c) Hoselands Green - council to get quotes to prune a tree overhanging a garden in Hoselands View. Public liabilty insurance to cover green too.
4. Communictation (29 July meeting)

(d) Foxborough Wood - they agreed to pay £462 + vat to put up new fencing between their land and Court Cottage.

(e) Dog bins - council agreed 12-0 not to action a request from a resident for a dog bin at Larkwell Lane. Cllr Alford said it would set a precedent. Apparently Sevenoaks Council are unwilling to provide one either, although Cllr Burns said she had seen them in Longfield. Cllr Oxtoby and Mrs Hoad said they cost £125 to install and £2.50 per week to empty.

(f) Footpaths - they agreed 12-0 to produce a footpath leaflet. Cllr Graeme said such a map will be in the Parish Plan.

5. Communications (29 July 2009)
The minutes of the meeting were approved. It had mainly dealt with the aim of the council to acquire the "power of promotion of economic social or environmental wellbeing" (note - this would free them from many of the restrictions on spending they currently have). The full council approved the draft "Community Engagement Strategy"

6. Highways (3 September meeting)
(a) Church Road - (i) a borehole on Northfield found that clay with flints runs for 1.5m then it is chalk of increasing permeability. A soakaway is very feasible - Ash Council don't want it, but they don't know why. (ii) Speeding - they have decided they don't want more signs because of clutter and people (many believed to be local) likely to ignore them. They did vote 12-0 to ask for a 30 mph limit on the whole road, but Cllr Granger said KCC are reviewing all limits and have placed a 2 year embargo on any new ones.
(b) Springcroft - ground radar has identified a site for a soakaway to prevent flooding. The Local Government Ombudsman has not upheld a complaint against KCC.
(c) Ash Road - they want the KCC member to pay for a safety barrier outside the Post Office. They have also received complaints about the state of the rail bridge and village sign.

7. Planning (22 July, 5 & 19 August and 2 September meetings) - see index

8. HAWK (7 July and 1 September meetings)
Glenn Walsh is leaving and Matthew Butt is the new youth worker. They plan to take 10 Hartley youth on an activity holiday in Scotland, and are trying to set up a youth club at the New Ash Green Shopping centre.

9. Finance (9 September meeting)
(a) Youth Shelter - some residents of Gorsewood Road want it moved.
(b) Northfield - no objections have been received to the proposed lease of a substation.#
(c) WI Hall - council had agreed to pay WI's legal costs, but unhappy with £1,099 unitemised bill. Still complications relating to trust law. Under this WI must get best price or convince the Charity Commission that transfer to HPC is the best option. Legal advice is to say WI can't find trustees, will have use free of charge (except light/heat), and that HPC will run the charity as closely to the WI trust deed as possible. It is apparently also claimed there is no other community facility in Hartley.
(d) Youth Worker - Ash Parish Council have written to say there has been no unfairness in the appointment of the new youth worker, and that an execellent candidate had been appointed.
(e) Hartley Wood - they decided 12-0 to make their 3 plots in the wood a village green. Cllr Gaywood said it was because you can't be sure what a future council might do. Cllr Sewell said walkers had complained about cyclists in the woods, but can they do anything now it is a village green.
(f) Police - local police are now PC Perkins, PSCOs Vincent and Rowbottom
(g) Manor Field - they have accepted the landowner's offer of £500 to grant an easement and amend the restrictive covenant to allow use as a burial ground.

Meeting closed 9.05 pm
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