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Election surprise as Hartley ceases to be "one party" state
The Hartley Parish Council election held on 6th May ended 8 years of "one party" rule by the self styled "Putting Hartley First" grouping, but only just. They won 12 of the 13 seats but an independent candidate did manage to get elected too. The electorate appear to have disliked Hartley First's tactics of having candidates from outside the parish, the two involved were their two lowest placed candidates. Turnout was up from 39.6% in 2007 to 47.8%.

The result was

Abraham (Putting Hartley First) 1,014
Ramsay (Putting Hartley First) 1,012
Oxtoby (Putting Hartley First) 1,002
Alford (Putting Hartley First) 981
Cole (Putting Hartley First) 976
Burns (Putting Hartley First) 963
Coates (Putting Hartley First) 953
Burchell (Putting Hartley First) 908
Graeme (Putting Hartley First) 900
Sewell (Putting Hartley First) 862
Glander (Putting Hartley First) 775
Fernley (Independent) 766
Horwood (Putting Hartley First) 760
Chick (100% Hartley) 681
Britton (100% Hartley) 671
Swain jun. (100% Hartley) 652
Fowler (100% Hartley) 644
Shipston (Independent) 631
Swain sen. (100% Hartley) 622
Minns (Putting Hartley First) 622

Spoiled papers 34 (3 - too many crosses, 31 blank or uncertain)
Posted on 08 May 2011 by administrator
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