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Hartley Parish Council Meeting 12 March 2012
1. Present
2. Interests
3. Minutes of meeting of 13 February 2012

4. Amenities and Open Spaces
The meeting of 6 March 2012 discussed the following:

(a) Cricket - annual rent of Longfield Hill Cricket Ground to Meopham Cricket Club to be increased 15% from £480 to £550 until next rent review in 2017.

(b) Woodland Avenue - (i) vandalism to playground on nights of 27/28 Feb and 29 Feb/1 Mar. Safety surfacing below swing and slide damaged and it has been temporarily closed. Local residents in Porchester Close wrote to say they plan to start a community group to raise money for equipment and would conduct a weekly litter pick. (ii) Football nets - Insurers have told council they should follow inspector's advice and install nets of their own. Decision deferred.

(c) Football - Hartley De Sales to be charged £10 per match to allow referees to use the toilets in the pavilion.

(d) Manor Field - (i) They agreed to let the filed at £8 per hour to Ellenor Lions Hospice to hold a family fun day. (ii) A new boiler will be needed for the pavilion.

(e) Noticeboard - following representations by Mrs Sharp and information that community groups use the noticeboard, they decided to either erect a new noticeboard at the allotments or repair the Wellfield noticeboard.

5. Burial Grounds
The meeting of 5 March discussed the following:

(a) A plastic box will be left by shed to put unauthorised pots and adornments. Unclaimed items will be disposed after 2 months.

(b) Garden of Remembrance - people who have left memorial vases there to be told it is not allowed because of insufficient space.

6. Finance
The meeting of 7 March 2012 discussed the following:

(a) Review - they are happy with internal audit, financial risk and, with a few changes, financial regulations.

(b) Computers - they agreed to spend up to £2,000 on 2 new computers for the office.

7. Planning
See planning pages.

8. Northfield
The meeting of 24 February 2012 discussed the following:

(a) Finance - about £800 has been spent since the December meeting, including tree work (£225), weekly visual inspections (£180), cutting and clearing (£180), emptying dog bins (£103).

(b) Horse riding - route to reopen on 31 March.

9. Payments
Payments of £7,495 were agreed for March.
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