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Hartley Parish Council Meeting 16 April 2012
Present: Cllrs Abraham, Alford, Burchell, Mrs Burns, Coates, Mrs Coles, Glander, Graeme, Horwood, Mrs Oxtoby (chairman), Ramsay, Sewell. Also Cllr Brazier (Kent County Council) and 6 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllr Mrs Fernley

1. Interests
Cllr Abraham - payments
Cllr Burchell - boiler
Cllr Mrs Coles - Woodland Avenue
Cllr Graeme - employee of KCC

2. Minutes of meeting of 12 March
Were approved

3. Public Questions

(a) Kent County Council - Cllr Brazier said there had been a scoping meeting for the new Sevenoaks Locality Board. One of the things they looked at were the Libraries. He said that no decision would be steamrollered through but be with the parish council's full consent.
(b) Sevenoaks District Council - Cllr Ramsay said it was unlikely that they will spend any money on libraries, so it will be up to each local community to decide what to do with theirs.
(c) Community Governance - Dr Roberts said she used to live in a warded council which worked well with greater accountability, why shouldn't Hartley be the same? Cllr Oxtoby thought the current arrangements were well suited.
(d) Hoselands Hill - Mr Mayer reported that the bench on the hill needed repair, and also the gate on the footpath.

4. Open Spaces
The meeting of 10 April discussed the following:

(a) Manor Field - council agreed 12-0 to increase the fees for cricket by £45 to £945 for the 2012 season. They are also getting quotes for application for the control of worms, eradication of moss, fertilizer and herbicide.

A new boiler will be installed in the pavilion at a cost of £1,400. They are also getting quotes for new blinds.

(b) Longfield Hill - 5 Meopham Cricket Club teams, including the senior 3rd team will be playing there this year.

(c) Woodland Avenue - the Hartley Community Group are setting up a formal constitution and have appointed a committee of eight. Councillors did a visual inspection and found vandalism at the playground which will cost at least £750 to repair, and fly tipping at the Porchester Close car park. Kent Playing Field Association suggested putting a safe plastic posts and nets on the goalposts, but decided not to have any.

(d) Allotments - they have served notice to quit on one holder.

5. General Purposes
The committee met on 21 March and discussed the following:

(a) Quaker's Close - there is a problem with commuter parking, but councillors thought residents wouldn't like yellow lines, but decided to ask Sevenoaks Council to see if there is dangerous parking.

(b) St John's Lane - they will write to Sevenoaks to ask for yellow lines from the junction to the layby at number 3, after a resident said parking was dangerous there.

(c) Ash Road - a resident had raised concerns about the parking outside Hartley Post Office which had been replied to by a district councillor.

(d) Stack Lane - this is in a poor state. The county councillor had been informed that it will cost £80,000 to upgrade. He could pay £20,000 from his budget but asked the Parish Council for help. They refused, alleging that it was for Kent or the residents to pay. They claimed they have no powers to pay for improvements.

(e) Youth - there will be 2 Summer Scheme events at Woodland Avenue this year.

(f) Parish Office - their insurers will not cover one of the liabilities in the draft lease.

6. Planning
See separate planning page

7. HAWK Youth Committee
The meeting of 14 March 2012 discussed the following.

(a) Staff - problems in recruiting staff have led to cancellation of several sessions. The Hartley Youth Club is running because it has sufficient volunteers.

8. Diamond Jubilee
The council discussed the final arrangements for the event.

9. New Burial Ground
The council plans to build a new burial ground at the old orchard in Manor Field, but the covenants on the land mean it can only be used for sports. Cllr Mrs Oxtoby said she was very pleased to report that the owner of the covenant had agreed to a deed of variation to allow burials there but not to alter any of the covenants on the remainder of Manor Field. The council agreed to pay the landowner's costs of drawing up this deed of about £2,800.

10. Payments
Payments for £13,091 for April were agreed.

Meeting closed 8.19
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