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Hartley Parish Council meeting 14 May 2012
1. Present
Cllrs Abraham, Graeme, Mrs Cole, Horwood, Glander, Ramsay, Mrs Burns, Coates, Burchell, Mrs Oxtoby.

Also Mrs Hoad (clerk), Cllr Brazier (KCC) and 8 members of the public.

2. Chairman and Committee elections
There were no contested elections. The following were elected:

Chairman - Cllr Mrs Oxtoby
Vice Chairman - Cllr Abraham

Committees membership
Abraham - all ex officio (except HAWK and Northfield)
Alford - Finance, General Purposes, Planning
Burchell - Amenities, Northfield, Planning
Burns - Burial, General Purposes, HAWK
Coates - Burial, Finance Planning
Cole - Amenities, Finance, General Purposes, Planning
Fernley - Amenities, Burial, General Purposes, Northfield
Glander - Amenities
Graeme - Amenities, General Purposes
Horwood - General Purposes
Oxtoby - all ex officio (except HAWK)
Ramsay - Burial, Finance, Personnel, Planning
Sewell - Amenities, Finance, General Proposes, HAWK

3. Interests
Cllr Oxtoby - Payments, Rail. Cllr Horwood - Rail user.

4. Minutes of meeting of 16 April 2012

5. Policy Documents
Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Complaints Procedure, Freedom of Information and Data Protection documents all approved without amendment.

Council also heard about the new regime for code of conduct, which will replace the Standards Board some time after 1 July. Mrs Oxtoby thought it covers much the same ground as present, but Cllr Ramsay said there are no sanctions now for errant councillors except via the courts.

6. Meeting dates
As usual council meetings for 2012-13 will be on the 2nd Monday of every month except August. After some discussion they decided to keep the annual parish meeting on a Friday (17 May 2013). Some councillors were unhappy that our MP is not due to attend this year's annual parish meeting.

7. Reports and Public Questions.
Nothing to report.

8. Burial Grounds
The meeting of 9 May discussed the following:

(a) Garden of Remembrance - council ordered the removal of vases in memory of people interred there, as against the rules. They also refused a request to plant rose bushes in lieu of vases.

(b) All Saints' Burial Ground - they are looking at cutting deadwood from yew tree.

9. Finance
The meeting of 18 April discussed the following:

(a) Accounts for 2011/12 - they agreed the publication of the accounts. Electors would have until 11 June to query them.

(b) Insurance - they had quotes of £2,082 from Zurich and £1,490 from Came & Co for 2012/13, so they went with the latter for 1 year only as they are a new company (they could have had a 3 year deal from Came & Co at £1,415 a year).

(c) Donations - they recommended and council agreed to a £250 donation to Rural Age Concern Darent Valley.

10. Planning
See planning page.

11. Northfield
The meeting of 23 April discussed the following:

(a) Finance - payments of £359 were agreed, including £103 to empty dog bins, £75 on fence repairs, and £180 on weekly inspections.

(b) Electricity Sub-station - the council agreed to an amendment of the lease to allow the gate to swing open onto their land.

(c) Horse Riding - the route currently has 13 members.

12. Changes to rail service from Longfield

Cllr Oxtoby thought they ought to make their views known, so they agreed to write a letter of objection to the cuts in service on the lines of that drafted by Cllr Masson of Ash Parish Council.

13. Payments
Payments of £9,286 for May were agreed.

Meeting closed at 8.10 pm
Posted on 16 May 2012 by administrator
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