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Hartley Parish Council Meeting 12 November 2012
1. Present
Cllrs Mrs Oxtoby (chairman), Abraham, Alford, Mrs Burns, Mrs Cole (arr about 7.40), Glander, Graeme, Ramsay, Sewell, Mrs Hoad (clerk), 3 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Coates, Mrs Fernley, Horwood

No interests were declared

2. Minutes of meeting of 8 October 2012

3. Adjournment
Cllr Ramsay said the Chief Executive of Sevenoaks Council (Robin Hales) was retiring in September, one of the present directors (Pav Ramewal) will be the new CEO. More savings still needed - the number of staff has fallen from 600 in 2003 to 360 now.

4. Amenities and Open Spaces
The meeting of 29 October 2012 discussed the following:

(a) Manor Field - (i) Football club asked not to use goal mouths during training to preserve their condition; (ii) They agreed to spend £1,365 with Weed Management Ltd on weed/moss/worm control in 2013.
(b) Trees - works on trees identified in risk assessment completed, including felling 2 trees at Billings Hill Shaw and cutting back branches at Burial Ground.
(c) Woodland Avenue - (i) the Fire Brigade has informed them they do not carry keys on vehicles, so if they needed access in an emergency they just need to be able to cut the locks. (ii) Grant applications for new play equipment have been made by the council and they are looking at other applications via the Hartley Community Group. (iii) Vandalism to the surface by the ball wall reported.
(d) Manor Field Pavilion - (i) Disabled Toilet - repairs to sink; (ii) Main door to field - damage to glazing led to replacement glass at cost of £75. (iii) External decoration - no quotes received. (iv) Calor Gas - while most equipment is owned by Calor, council are responsible for some pipework, so they will ask South Eastern Plumbers to inspect and report back.
(e) Gorse Wood - woodchips laid on the footpath.
(f) Rectory Meadow - work to remove council's trees which were overhanging a neighbour's property led to some being felled in error. Householder has agreed to pay for replacements.
(g) Allotments - holders report rat infestation and overhanging vegetation, to be told they must wait until holders' meeting of 8 November.
(h) Dog Bins - resident continues to press for more bins, committee to ask Sevenoaks if they could have more bins but fewer emptyings for the same price. Apparently they are well used.

5. Planning
See planning page.

6. Local Government Pension Scheme
Council agreed 8-0 that Assistant Clerk can be enrolled into the scheme.

7. Donations
Council agreed 8-0 to donate £50 to the Salvation Army for their help at the Remembrance Service.

8. Payments
Payments of £11,063 for November were agreed.

Meeting closed at 7.42pm
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